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  1. Hello! Scenario: - My wife`s H4 EAD is valid till Jan 2019 - we filed for an "H4 Extension + EAD Extension" in August 2018 - Decision is pending Question: 1. If we traveled to India and return with a new H4 stamp on her Passport, will that invalidate the Paper application that we filed here? Is her EAD still valid till Jan 2019? 2. Is H4 Extension filed from within the US, the exact same as asking for an H4 at the consulate? Is there any precedence? 3. Are there any recommended approaches to handling this situation? Are there any risks to traveling in the first place? Thanks a lot for reading and taking a stab at answering.
  2. TwentyTen

    Visa stamping in Canada or elsewhere

    Typically last 6 months is enough... to be safe, 1 year.... and ALL W2s prior to that. (Hand over 1 year pay stubs to VO when asked...)
  3. Can you share a few more details like your work profile, education background, Specialization (if masters), EC/EVC/EVVC model work, Questions asked by VO... etc ? This will help others relate to your case and help you better.
  4. TwentyTen

    Toronto on Jan16th anyone?

    Hello! I just booked my appointment at Toronto on Jan 16. Any one else flying in to take an interview there on the same day or + or - 1 days? Find my email ID on my profile and drop a line... so we can prepare together and may be share accommodation or travel together if thats possible. Thank you!
  5. Congrats on getting thru and Thanks for sharing..!! I am going to Toronto next month and was nervous about not finding many experiences from Toronto in the forum ;) Did you see any troubled experiences while you were at the consulate? I`m looking for experiences from anyone who came to US on a H1... and switched employers and is now working on EVC model. (No Masters) Thanks again!
  6. TwentyTen

    H1B Visa Stamp - I-94 Issue

    Nothing to worry about. No more paper I94s stapled on your passport. Look online... you should be able to get a copy of you I94. https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/1696
  7. Hello! I am an Indian who first entered US on a H1b.... and changed employers earlier this year... I`m working in EVC model. Q. Am I eligible for Stamping at Toronto? Reading some stamping experiences from Toronto in Nov 2013, I am starting to have doubts... Apparently, some were asked "Why they were interviewing at Canada rather than go to home country". Does this apply to my case? Q. My end client wont provide a letter stating my assignment with them... although, I MAY get an Email affirming this stand. Is this something that I should be worried about? What other documents should I carry to cover this? Please also suggest any other questions that I should be wary about... Thanks!!
  8. TwentyTen

    H1-b stamping dates for Jan'14 in Vancover

    Last I checked around 6th Dec, the earliest appointment available at Vancouver was only after about 120 days... ! (into March 2014) And Calgary was totally booked out. Know that with cancellations and rescheduling, these dates are always moving.