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  1. Came to find there is now new rule with Drop box, Anybody please suggest with changes.
  2. Can you please let me know what are visa slots available in May and June 2019?
  3. Joe03

    H1B Stamping in Matamoros May 2019

    Can you please let me know what are visa slots available in May and June 2019?
  4. Joe03

    H1B eligible in cap gap extension

    Okay thanks for details on this. Is consultancy employer cannot file in cap exempt?
  5. H1B got approved in 2013 and expired in 2016 but never worked on it.Can apply other H1B in cap gap extension or need to apply new H1B in April Fresh quota? Please suggest on this.
  6. Joe03


    Employer is changing attorney.Can Employer file LCA without new attorney information include inside LCA form? I saw there is some attorney section at LCA form which require to provide details inside it.
  7. Can we run two Payrolls per month on same H1B working for two different endclients thru different vendors under same Employer?
  8. How to drop documents at Dropbox? Any folder or rubber band etc need while dropping them? Please advise.
  9. Joe03

    Client letter

    Recently Client added a statement at Client letter as below: "Enclosed is a letter from Vendor A and Employer name B(who is the actual Employer) which explains the contractual relationship between the two companies." Then Client request to show both client A and Vendor letters B for H1B amendment and stamping. Is this should be fine or anything is missing/require?
  10. Joe03

    Client letter

    I'm on EVC model, planning for H1b amendment and stamping: 1.Got client letter from client and they are not mentioning about Employer name, but they can give only with Vendor name? I request client to include Employer name but they are saying we don't have any relation to your employer to show. Is employer name need to be require at client letter? 2.If Vendor letter have EVC relation it should be fine eventhough if Employer name not mention at Client letter? Please advise.
  11. Joe03

    H1B amendment

    Thanks Sekhar.
  12. Joe03

    LCA, H1B amendment and Stamping

    Thanks Sekhar appreciate it.
  13. Employer filed H1B extension with client "A" in January 2016 with location address "xxxxx".Till March 28 2016 worked with Client "A".Later from March29 2016 started to work with new Client "B" at same Floor building location address "xxxxx" with same zip code of Client "A" under same Management.We didn't apply any LCA in March/April 2016 for new Client "B". Questions: 1.Is there any issue/Problem if we apply LCA now? 2.Any issue if we file H1B amendment now? 3.Any issue with Paystubs? 4.Any issues to go for H1B stamping? Please advise.
  14. Joe03

    H1B stamping

    Is there any changes or impact of H1B stamping at Mexico consulates after January20 2017 once new President starts his presidency? Will they allow for H1B stamping at Mexico and port of entry to return to USA? Please advise.