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  1. I need a quick suggestion from you,my wife and my self have Visa stamped until August 8 2019,My wife is applying for her first h1 in USA this year.We have a need to travel to India in month of May.We missed to apply her application in counselor processing.will there be a problem for her H1b processing if she travels at that time frame.We intend to have her on h4 and not to change the status until USCIS has some plans to remove H4EAD(which will be counslar processing )even if she gets picked up and gets approved.kindly suggest.
  2. Hai Friends, After reading to loads of forms which helped me a lot, i felt like sharing my experience with my H1B Stamping in Mexico City. This is my second time stamping first time got stamped in vacouver, canada. My Visa stamping is on 6th and i got my finger printing on 5th. Finger printing is pretty straight forward process. VISA INTERVIEW: My case transfer approved. VO:FIRST Time or Renewal Me: Renewal VO:Whom do you work for? Me:qqqqqq Company VO:How long you have been working for ? Me: New Employer VO: Current Role in the company? Me:Computer systems anaylst. VO: Your Visa is APPROVED and you can collect it in 2 days,Up on requesting he asked me to collect it on the next day. Overall experience was very good.I stayed in Room mate Valentino, which costed me $80 per night , its just 5 mins away from consulate. Have break fast at the hotel and most of my lunch and dinner i managed with pizza and totillas with mush rooms as i am a vegetarian. You will have very good options if you are a not.Make sure you carry min of $500 in cash so that you need to pay transaction fee if you need more money.Also make sure you have google translator because language will be a bit problem if you dont know spanish.Watch out while you are boarding back to US.They need the customs slip that they give us while coming in to mexico.IF you miss it you need to got to immigration to get a new slip which costs 250 pesos.So please dont loose that slip.Got back to US with no issues at port of entry.If it is a renewal i would suggest you go to CANADA or MEXICO as you find early dates and process is quick and straight forward.Good Luck to all you guys.
  3. First of all i would like to thank all the people who have posted on this forum. It has helped me alot preparing for my interview, collecting all the documents etc. Now its time for pay back Below are the questions which were asked to me by the VO. Who do your work for? Who is your client? What is your highest degree? Which university did you graduate from ? What do you do at the client site? How long have you been working for your employer? Asked for LCA, pay stubs ,w2? Drivers License Thats all..the interview lasted for less than 2 minutes and then VO said your visa is approved And i am from stratford university,so dont fall in to misconsuption by any one about the universities. What i felt about my interview was they are mainly looking in to our pay stubs and LCA to match aand few other criterias which we feel as manditory. Good luck for your visa interviews
  4. Any one going for a visa interview vancover canada on 30th Jan
  5. Hai Robbin, Have you got your visa stamped. Did you find any diffcuties please share. thanks
  6. surya6442

    H1 B stamping in vancover Jan2nd

    Congrats maddy,which university did you studied, Is it like a well reputated? Please share. thanks
  7. I am trying to get information,is there a way to do it? I cant change things now,But i jus wanted to learn is there any where on our i-797 or any other way, We can know which quota it has been filed in. Thank you
  8. Hai friends, How can we know our H1 has been applied in student quota or General quota, Does it show up any where on I-797 that it has been applied under certain category. My employer says he applied it student,but is there any way we can verify this one? Thanks
  9. Yeah abhi thats what i have see yesterday, Well,Thanks for taking time and giving reply.
  10. Hai guys, I have blocked an interview for my h1 visa stamping in vancover,canada. I am planning to get it stamped in jamaica now. I am unable to look for the dates as i am already registered for canadian embassy. So,Please let me know any available dates in december. thank you