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  1. usvisainfo

    Visa Approved @ Calgary Dec 18th

    @Tjgarla I went to the loomis office the next day after my stamping which is 19th December and got my passport .I did not wait for the email from them .This will not the same at different consulates .It may vary .
  2. usvisainfo

    Visa Approved @ Calgary Dec 18th

    @newbie -->she said 5-7 business days ...
  3. Visa officer was a lady around 45 years .Same questions have been asked for my friends who went the other day as well.We had the appointment @ 8 AM .There were few other guys who had the interview same time.All of them got approved . Here are my Questions: 1) Are you going to work with same employer once you return to US ? 2) Do you work at the client location? 3)What do you do for them? 4) Highest degree ? 5)Major ? 6) Are you being paid on time? 7) Do you have any problems with employer ? My friend went to a different counter @ 9:20 AM and he was a guy middle aged @ counter 4 .Not many questions were asked .He only asked about the roles and responsibilities and approved the visa .. Thanks guys for all the help in this forum ..
  4. usvisainfo

    accommodation in calgary from 15th

    i am travelling on 16th if ur interested ...
  5. usvisainfo

    Looking for Visa Date in Jan/Feb in Vancouver

    look for appointments on weekday usa day time you will get them for sure ....
  6. once you have uploaded your documents you need to wait untill you get an email from the MYCIC stating that you have a new message .After then you need to take the print out of the message and mail them your passport and along the hard copy of the message ..
  7. usvisainfo

    H1B Visa Stamp - I-94 Issue

    u can retrieve your I94 .Just do a google search for I94 and click on the first link and follow the instructions ..
  8. Hello everyone .Need help on the below situation of mine . I am working in the state of oklahoma and my taxes are paid to the same state ,however the address on the paystub and w2 are having my texas address where i once lived .Is this going to be problem ? Please suggest ......