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  1. Below is my information and question. Oct 2007: H1B Starts, valid till Oct 2010 (Company A) Oct 2010: H1B Renewal, valid till Oct 2013 (Company A) July 2011: Received Approved I-140 Copy in my hand (Company A) July 2012: H1B Transfer, valid till July 2015 (Company B) June 2014: Received Approved I-140 Copy in my hand (Company B) July 2015: H1B Renewal, valid till Sept. 2017 (Company B) Dec 2016: H1B transfer to new Company C (Company C) Questions: 1. Will I get H1B valid till December 2019, with this H1-B Transfer Application to Company C, since I have approved I-140? 2. Can I use I-140s from EITHER Company A or Company B to include in this H1B transfer? Should I have a preference? (I believe both I140s are unrevoked and I have physcal copy on hand)
  2. Can we start a home business on H4 EAD? If yes, has anyone done so and then gone for Visa Stamping? I am seeing that I will have to list the business under "Employment History" in the DS160 form to get visa appointment, right? Has anyone had any experience stamping visa while doing a business on H4 EAD? What did the Visa Officer ask? Just concerned as this will be my first time stamping after starting the business on H4 EAD.
  3. My full legal name is "Anshuman" Roy. At work, I go by "Ansh" for short at work and my work HR/Email System has a field for a "Preferred" name where I had put in "Ansh". All my legal documents all my life (Passport, Birth Certificate, paychecks, etc.) call my first name out as "Anshuman". I got an employment letter from work for my Visa Interview (just in case although not required) where they also list "Ansh" as the preferred name (along with my Legal name "Anshuman" too). Question is - Must I include "Ansh" as one of the "Other Names" asked in the DS160? I do not want to as I have never used that name in any legal capacity. If I do include it, do I have to get an affidavit now that they are the same people?
  4. I received approved I-140 from Company A. I left Company A and now I am in Company B. Company B has gotten Labor approved for me and now wants to use the approved I-140 from my previous Company A to port its date to the current Company B's I-140 application. My question is - If I move to Company C, will I still be able to use the I-140 from Company A in the new Labor/I-140 application that Company C will do for me in the future? (this will be after Company B already used I-140 from Company A once to port the date). I will not have I-140 copy from Company B, so I want to use approved I-140 from Company A in the PERM Appliaction that my Company C will do. Will this work?
  5. waiting12345

    Work Authorization for spouses of H1B visa holders

    I only found this one article saying that DHS has already made the proposal - http://www.************.com/***************. Is that even true? White house announcement says they "plan to...". Furthermore, once DHS makes the proposal, who approves it? White House (executive order from the president)? It probably doesnt matter, as chances for these things are always so slim.
  6. Can someone working in the US on a H1B start (i.e. be a director) his/her own Non-profit (501c3) organization? The individual on H1-B would NOT be receiving any pay. The individual will only be volunteering his time as the director of the 501c3. Does this violate any H1-B immigration laws?