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  1. @Moderator How do I reach the user "luck2u" ? I need help from the user on my immigration issue. Please let us know how to exchange contact details. Thank you
  2. @luck2u: please reach me at: ***************
  3. @luck2u I would like to talk to you more on this issue. If you dont mind, can you provide me with your contact number at my email **************@yahoo.com Thank you.
  4. @abhishek2727 What did you to your DS-160 to make changes? I did the same and also attended for biometrics. Can I still update the DS_160 form? Your information will help me. Thank you.
  5. A quick question, was your PERM applied in 6th year?
  6. Thanks a ton luck2u. You saved me from great trouble. Thank you.
  7. Thank you luck2u. Good to hear your success story. My biggest concern is, can i get H1b extension with I-140, even if there is no single day left in my H1B 6yr period?
  8. Hello, Here is my situation: No time left to recap in H1B 6 yr limit. PERM submitted during 6th yr. PERM approved after H1B 6yr period ended. I140 was submitted and approved after H1B 6 yr limit ended. Now I am in India. Am I eligible for 7th yr H1B extension using the approved I-140? Thanks for anyone providing info or their experience on such situation.
  9. Hello luck2u, I am currently in the the same situation like yours. So I would like to know how you faced your H1B extension issue staying outside US and with completion of 6 yr limit. Any info from you will be greatly appreciated. Thank you