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  1. Hi TSK238,

    My wife is currently going for stamping with previous client details on LCA and H1B. Please let me know if she can go to stamping with previous client details on LCA and the H1B without amendment done for the new client. She is well within the same MSA as her previous client - which is why new LCA or h1B amendment was not done.

  2. Went to Visa interview without amendment as my new client within the range and got it stamped. VO question: is your new client within the range and followed by few questions about the new project details.
  3. tsk238

    Any one going to H1B stamping in AUG month in HYD ?

    Any update on Hyd visa interviews?
  4. tsk238

    Any one going to H1B stamping in AUG month in HYD ?

    @Gami555 @WHOAMI@H1b How was your visa interview?
  5. I have the same issue. My job location changed from Philadelphia to New jersey. Client is different, but job duties, level of wages every remains same. The distance from my old job location to new job location is 53miles but New jersey and Philadelphia come under one MSA. Do i still need to file for amendment?

  6. My previous client is in Hudson County NJ and the current client is in Hunterdon County NJ. It is 40.1 miles distance. No changes in job roles and responsibilities, everything is the same as previous job duties. Planning to go to visa stamping in my home country. Please advice, do I need amendment in this case? When I look at the MSA, I see like a Metropolitan Division under MSA. Does it make any difference in case? Here are the details from the WIKI. -> New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area * New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NJ Metropolitan Division Bergen County Hudson County Passaic County * Edison-New Brunswick, NJ Metropolitan Division Middlesex County Monmouth County Ocean County Somerset County * Newark-Union, NJ-PA Metropolitan Division Essex County Hunterdon County Morris County Sussex County Union County
  7. Hi Gargi, How was your visa interview? Did they ask any questions regarding the new client? I have the similar situation.
  8. Thanks Gopalakrisha... Any recent cases like my case? what was the result ?
  9. Got my h1b extension with client A and recently moved to new client B within the same MSA. Do I need to file an amendment and go for stamping or LCA is fine for the new client for the stamping?
  10. Question regarding Premium processing resumed today. I have studied masters in NPU (Northwester Polytechnic University) in the year 2009, am i eligible for premium processing? This is my 2nd H1B extension. ACICS accreditation got revoked last year, does it affect me applying in the premium processing ?
  11. tsk238

    H1extension in hyderabad

    Right now i heard appointments available in Hyderabad and canada - ottawa... i already have an appointment in canda - Ottawa. and planning to go India soon. Thats what the confusion is ... where to go and ... safe option... I heard in india if there is an admin processing ..it takes lot of time to resolve..
  12. Hi Last year feb i got my visa stamped in canada. Now i got my h1 extension. Planning to go for stamping. any place suggestions for my visa? I am with same employer and client since last h1 visa interview.
  13. When is your interview? how are you planning to go ottawa?