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  1. mavijit7

    EB1A Chances - Please advice

    @ Catx, Thanks for your respectful suggestion! As I have the PhD in that field, more than 8 yrs experience and serving as a judge for several journals, I ofcourse have little bit of knowledge of the kind of membership I should have! I also know that I need to pay fee to the lawyer to get it started. But the internet forum is not a place to respectfully discourage someone, rather than to get help or provide help to people who are on the same boat. I have a PhD, doesnt mean that I know everything or I should know everything!! There is no harm to ask sugestion from perople, specially if someone, not forcefully, but at his/her own will, is trying to point out something, which may be useful! Though you respectfully tried to tell me a lot in this forum (which is not very much acceptable though!), but I will stil politely ask you in this public forum, to share any thought if you have one for me, and if you don't have any suggestion for me, then please don't give yourself so much stress to answer in my forum, and let the other people help me who really have some knowledge and who really want to help, rather than pointing out others "should or should nots"!! No one is forsing you to do so! Please! Btw, I am not the first person asking this kind of opinion in this forum; I have read lots of other peoples threads similar to me, and got encouraged to get some opinion in my case. I believe there are probably very few, but still some people here, who are going through or have passed through this situation in their life, and hopefully they have not forgotten all their strugles!! I will wait for their suggestions!
  2. mavijit7

    EB1A Chances - Please advice

    To t75: Thanks for your suggestion. Can you please refer any other membership which will make my case strong.
  3. mavijit7

    EB1A Chances - Please advice

    I called them, but they said they donot offer free consultation, not even telling me whether I should think about EB1A or not! I have to pay fees to know the answer. I hope they can atleast leave some comments in this post as they did for others, to let me know whether I start thinking of it, or I need to improve my credentials more. Any kind of advice is welcome.
  4. Hi all. I am planing to apply for EB1-A extraordinary ability Green Card application, but not sure how strong my case is. I would highly appreciate if anyone can give me some idea whether I should go for EB1 A or not. Here are my credentials: Education and Experience: MS in Biochemistry from a reputed University in India. PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from a reputed university in USA. 1st Postdoc at a highly reputed University and research Institute in USA - for 3 yrs 2nd Postdoc at the one of the worlds largest cancer research hospital in Texas, USA - for 2 yr 3rd Sr. Research Scientist at the same Cancer research Hospital - 1yr Publications: 12 Peer reviewed journals, including one Nature Review journal (impact factor 3.3 to 10.4) Total citations: 119 so far (from all over the world) H-index: 7 i10 index: 4 Conference and Presentations: 10 conferences (oral and poster presentation) attended in USA. 6 invited talks in USA (presented by myself, one of them, I was the introductory speaker). Honors and Awards: Poster of Distinction (in one conference presentation) Poster Sessions Finalist (in one conference presentation at worlds no. 1 cancer research center) Excellence in Research Award (as a graduate student in USA) Research Grant Award (as a graduate student in USA) Reviewer: reviewer of 13 journals ( all journals mostly in USA, some from other countries) Total review: 22 journals. Editorial Board Member: editorial board member of 2 journals Membership: Associate Member, American Association of Cancer Research. Full Member, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society.