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  1. Mine might be a dumb question but can any one answer this scenario to me If our PD is current for Date of filing chart and I did not apply for adjustment of status but now in the updated chart my PD is current in final action chart , can I apply for adjustment of status now. To be more clear Uscis is only active for final action dates but not filing date and my date is current only in final but not filing dates . Can I apply for adjustment of status ?
  2. MrPraveen

    H1B extension got rejected and i-94 expiring on aug20

    Can you give more details on it like are you working full time to the client or are you working on a EVC model?
  3. MrPraveen

    H1B Transfer validity Date

    Thanks for the update pontevecchio but I think there is back dating for H1B extension, why there is an exception for H1B transfer ? any idea?
  4. MrPraveen

    H1B Transfer validity Date

    Here is a weird scenario for you guys which I am In I was working with Company A whose H1B was valid until October 2015. In June 2015 I moved to Compnay B applied for H1B and started working with receipt . In Jan 2016 after 7months of wait finally my H1B got approved with company B but surprisingly my H1B validity date is Jan 2016 to June 2018. Here are my questions regarding my validity date- 1) Isn't my approval date should start from June 2015 when I applied for transfer? 2)Is this a uscis mistake? 3) If not what will be my status from expiry of previous H1B to current H1B approval that is from dates October 2015 until Jan 2016? Was I out of status in that period? I am sure that we can start working for new employer with the receipt Please let me know your thoughts and options for me. I am worried about the date because this period of 4 months might cause any issues for my Green Card. Thanks Praveen
  5. MrPraveen

    File new PERM and I-140 after changing jobs on H1B

    Yes , you have to file a new Perm and 140 with Employer B but you can still retain the priority date of Perm which was applied by Employer A itself. Executive action will take some time .
  6. MrPraveen

    H1-B transfer after 6th year. PERM in audit

    What was the audit for your I-140 process
  7. MrPraveen

    My I-140 approved but not for wife

    Is there a reason for not adding your wife details when you applied for I-140
  8. MrPraveen

    I 140 RFE - Need Help

    when did you file your I-140
  9. MrPraveen

    I 140 - RFE

    When did you apply your I-140
  10. MrPraveen

    Obama new Exective order and approved I-140

    Many people are waiting to get more information from USCIS for clarity on these points. Obama has signed on the orders but other departments are still working on it give it more meaningful form
  11. I never new we can track the status of I-140 status . I thought it was just apply and wait game. Good to know
  12. Congrats dude, when did you apply for the date because I am trying to schedule a appointment but was unable to find the date at Calgary.
  13. MrPraveen

    H1B extension with new I-94 date but online remains the same

    If I am not wrong Online I-94 gets updated only when you go out of the country and enter back with a valid visa stamping.
  14. MrPraveen

    Dates availability at Jamaica in December ?

    jamaica is not accepting new applications for third country people right ? correct me if i am wrong.
  15. MrPraveen

    No 2015 dates available for Jamaica: PLZ HELP!

    Jamaica is no longer accepting visas from third country nations as before it did