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  1. pannduu

    H1 B Stamping

    Hi All, I have the below scenario can you please check and update me a solution My marriage is fixed on Aug 6 2016 I have H1 B visa until Sep 30 2016 My employer suggested that i need to have H1 B Extention and applied on July 20 2016 in premium I am travelling to India on Aug 1 2016 I may or may not receive the H1 B by Aug 1 2016 If i receice the H1 B before Aug 1 Question: DO I need to go to Stamping? If i receive the H1 B after i left to India Question: Do i get I 94 in my H1 B? Question: Do i need to go to stamping Please suggest it is too near for me and do not know the info that i must not travel while H1 B is in process Thanking You in Advance
  2. pannduu

    Drop Box H1 Stamping

    Hi I had my h1 stamping in jamaica in 2014. I have h1 extention in this year 2016 (By sep 2016 6 years of h1 is complete and my 140 is approved) Question: Can i use drop box in india or do i still need to go for stamping interview? Note: I am with the same project and same employer all the h1 years. Please suggest Thanking you in advance.
  3. pannduu

    H1 port of entry recent issue

    It's in Telugu news papers
  4. pannduu

    H1 port of entry recent issue

    Hi All, There are some news recently about the H1B Port Of Entry being rejected Mentioning about the jobs resume etc If anyone has experienced this issue recently , can you please share Thank You in Advance.
  5. pannduu

    H1B Spouse Visa

    Thank You.
  6. pannduu

    H1B Spouse Visa

    Hi. I want to apply Spouse visa Since there is an new kind of work permit for spouse visa starting in May Can I apply the EAD + Spouse visa at the same time So that she can get H4 with EAD at the same time Please suggest
  7. Hi All, My mother was travelling from JFK to Hyd via delhi on Jan 25 2015 through air india JFK to Del Air India Flight 102 Del to Hyd Air India Flight 126 May i know is anyone or parents travelling in this time? Thank You, Yeswanth.
  8. Hi I was planning to book an appointment date for visitor visa interview for my mother. Can I pay it online like Jamaica or Canada If not can you please update Thank you, Yeswanth.
  9. pannduu

    passport travel request

    Thank you.
  10. pannduu

    Visa Stamping Jamaica Jan 28

    Murali, Yes my us visa is expired when going to Jamaica. Thank you, Yeswanth.
  11. pannduu

    passport travel request

    Hi I have a valid H1B visa(stamping on passport) till Sep 2016 My passport will expire on Sep 09 2014 I need to travel to india in march(02 to 11) 2014 on an emergency Can you please let me know whether i need to get a new passport(reissue) or Can i travel with the current passport? Thank you, Yeswanth.
  12. pannduu

    Visa Stamping Jamaica Jan 28

    Hi Prithvi, I got for 1 month. Thank You, Yeswanth.
  13. pannduu

    Visa Stamping Jamaica Jan 28

    Hi Kiran, I got for 1month Thank You, Yeswanth.
  14. HI All, Thank you Murthy Forum and all the people who share the experiences and information My stamping is confirmed today Below is the order of it My visa slot was at 7:00 in the morning i went 1hr i.e. around 6:00 approximately at 6:45 a person from consulate came and asked for 1.Passport 2.DS 160 3.I797 4.Photo Note: My photo background was light brown , she told me to take a photo with white back ground there will be people waiting outside to do that , charged US $5.00 after i came back the consulate person stapled the Photo, I797 to the passport after this they allowed me to the building after entering there is a security check after the check they will allow you to a different building which is located back of the security building now after entering they check your passport(along with stapled) , confirmation -> they will give you a sticker which has a number then you need to come out of the building and sit on the chairs available according to your number sequence then they call all the people inside one by one after entering they will call your number inside of the building first time when they called me , they took finger prints of all 10 then they tell you to take different counter where they again scan your finger prints then they send you to 3rd different counter where the officer will check and ask for your documents interview officer: Good Morning ME: Good Morning Sir officer:asked for my passport ME: Gave him the passport which has photo and I797 to it officer:is the employer on the I797 your employer ME:Yes officer:Asked for my W2's ME: Produced 4 from my current employer officer:What is your salary ME:XXXX -> matched with DS 160, etc officer: how long has you been working with your employer ME: Year officer:is this your 1st H1 ME: 2nd , this is my extension officer: Is your first h1 with your same employer ME: Yes officer:Client name ME:XXXXX officer: are you working at the client location or company(employer) location ME: Client officer: Which state is your client ME: XXXXX He told me collect the passport on Wed i.e. Jan 30th Thank You Muthy Forum for giving me this opportunity to share my experience Note: just carry one local Jamaican phone if you got one , no wallet just US $20.00 cash , room keys are OK the same people who took my photo will take your belongings and will return it to you after you come back for a reasonable price(US $3.00 to $5.00) You do not need to convert the money to Jamaican dollars , every one will take US dollar the conversion they took me was 1 US dollar = 100 Jamaican dollars(some places it was 95 Jamaican dollars) Thank You, Yeswanth.
  15. Hi Best option would be the debit card if credit card is used there will be a minimum transaction fee but if debit card is used according to your spending the transaction rate will be. Note: All banks does not have less transaction rates for debit cards, check with your bank about the international transaction charge. Thank You, Yeswanth.