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  1. skmmsk123

    H1B Stamping

    @uirams Looks like you are not following the recent news. Trump's recent EO & Proclamation on June 22 will prevent you from getting H1B visa stamped until Jan 2021. US consulates will not issue any new H1B Visas until Jan 2021 (even if the consulates re-open - which no one is sure about). Hope this helps....
  2. skmmsk123

    H1B travel & approval

    @harish shankaranTechnically you can but I would not risk it.
  3. skmmsk123

    Travel to US with newly stamped visa

    Is this Proclamation only for first time new H1B Visa stamp applicants or does this apply to 2nd and 3rd time Visa stamp applicants as well?
  4. skmmsk123

    3rd time H1BVisa stamping

    Just wondering if Trump's June 22 proclamation only applies to first time new H1B Visa stamp applicants or will it apply to everyone who is waiting to get their visa stamped? This is my 3rd time going for H1B visa stamping and I have a 221 (g) to attend in person interview after Dropbox in March
  5. skmmsk123

    June 22 Proclamation

    @curiousness I do not think I-797 counts as an official travel document. Checkout following links: Can I know when is your visa appointment scheduled? (as the consulates are currently closed in India) https://www.uscis.gov/travel-documents
  6. skmmsk123

    H4 - Travel From India with valid visa status

    @Shashank kashinath The sooner you both leave to US, the better. I doubt if international flights will allow you to board the flight with just one or two month valid visa
  7. skmmsk123

    Travel to US with newly stamped visa

    @Indra1 No new H1B Visas will be granted from June 24 to Dec 31 as per the Proclamation
  8. skmmsk123

    Travel in Novemeber

    @ramsinghdot Did you book your visa appointment for November & can you see the dates?
  9. skmmsk123


    @ramsinghdot Can you let me know which months interview slots are visible to you currently?
  10. @AbhayCharan What is your information source? Or is it just your speculation?
  11. skmmsk123

    Executive Order vs H1B Stamping in India

    Thank you @JoeF
  12. skmmsk123

    Executive Order vs H1B Stamping in India

    @gopalakrishnach Looks like no one really getting my question. I am aware that all US Consulates and embassies are closed now. Once the consulates re-open and once they start consular services, will this EO have an impact on H1B Visa stamping?
  13. skmmsk123

    Executive Order vs H1B Stamping in India

    @02112018 Thanks for the response but my query is not regarding USCIS offices in US. My query is more about US Consulates & embassies in India and how the recent EO effects H1B visa stamping
  14. Hello I came to India in March forst weekfor my H1B Drop Box appointment and then got a 221(g) asking to attend in person interview. But Consulates are closed since March 16th due to Pandemic. I have heard people saying that recent executive order does not impact Non Immigrant Visa holders but will it have an impact on people waiting to get their H1B visa's stamped in India? I am a full time employee with same company since 8 years and this is my 3rd stamping (never had any issues) Thanks & Regards
  15. Will the president's Executive Order has any impact on Non Immigrant Visa stamping in India ? I came to India for my visa stamping and got stuck her due to COVID-19 and got a 221(g) after dropbox. I was called for in person interview