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  1. Hi everyone, i have searched the forum but didn't get much information related to this, hoping someone can shed some light on this topic. I got green card through cross chargeability (EB2). Checking to see when applying citizenship does the application process is same as others applying citizenship based on employment based green card ?
  2. Just an update to this old post, I have applied I-485 myself and my application has been approved. Recently went to interview and it got approved. I found lot of information online on how to apply. But incase if anyone is looking you need to type in a letter stating how cross-chargeability works in your case. Also put in a document that explains the rule from USCIS. When you go for the interview take these documents and be prepared to answer any questions related to how you are eligible for green card.
  3. Got a call from Interview officer that my case has been approved. Interview experience: All the questions are from I-485/G-385. He put the I-485/G-325 in front of him that I have sent and asked all his questions. So my tip is that be prepare what you have submitted in those documents. Also If the case is different than usual then I will suggest to take all the related papers from online success cases and rules document from uscis and any lawyer confirmations that you have. Good luck to you all.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Today when i checked the status I got the following information does that mean they have approved it? IO did said that he will review the case with his councilor. But any way I have already have an appointment with a lawyer in Murthy Firm today. They did helped me last time, very knowledgeable. On January 28, 2015, we registered your permanent resident status and mailed you a Welcome Notice for Receipt Number SRCXXXXX. Please follow the instructions in the notice. Your new permanent resident card should arrive by March 29, 2015, after this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later.
  5. Hi I am just wondering if anyone can please throw some insight to my case. I applied I-485 based on cross chargeability and I got EAD and Advanced parole documents. Today I went for Green Card interview and IO said they cannot use cross charge-ability to get my Green card because I am the principle applicant and my countries visa dates are not available. So I just want to know how the cross charge-ability works. Principle applicant: Myself: Country of Birth: India Approved: I-140 and have EAD card. Category: EB2 My Wife: Country of Birth: Indonesia (Visa dates are current for EB2) He mentioned that he still has to charge me against India because I am the principle applicant. Also mentioned that cross charge ability can be applied if the case is reversed. If my wife is the principle applicant (If my wife has approved I-140) and and i will be cross charged with her Country (Indonesia). So I was confused how in the first place i got my EDA approved. Please let me know if any one got approved Green card cases while on cross-chargeability. I will really appreciate it.
  6. orgchem

    Filing AOS - First name issue

    I helped my wife fill the i-94 as FNU in her first name to match what's in visa. Thanks for reminding me that. I am helping her file the AOS application. Every question i translate to her because she cannot fully understand english. Padrone me, i said it in a wrong way that I am applying for her. Please do correct me if i say something wrong but do not judge me. Her country doesn't have the last name concept, but at the time when we are filling the details of her visa, help desk in consulate suggested we put the first name of her's in the last name and put FNU in her first name. yes she has a first name (Which is nothing but the last name in her visa). That's why it's confusing for us what she need to put in her first name now.
  7. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can please guide me on this issue. I am applying Adjustment of Status for my wife. In the H4 visa and on the I-94 her first name is mentioned as "FNU" (First name unavailable) When filing I-485, I-130 and I-765 should I also need to mention her First name as "FNU" or should I just leave that field blank? My only concern in mentioning it as "FNU" is, I hope USCIS would not consider that as a real First name.
  8. orgchem

    G-1145 form question

    Sorry for the delayed response. I am personally filing myself. As JoeF referred this form is to receive text message and or email when USCIS accepts the form. "E-notification does not grant any type of status or Benefit, rather it's just a convenience to customers" says in instructions. Thanks for your information.
  9. Hi, can anyone please help me with this question. I am filing i-765 and i-131 along with i-485, just wondering if I need to submit three G-1145 (E-notification of application/petition acceptance) one for each form i-485, i-765, i-131? or should I only needed one G-1145 for all forms?
  10. orgchem

    I-765 form questions for EAD

    Thanks for the reply's. I will answer Yes. I was thinking if the question is intended for some other reason. I found the USCIS office applied to by looking at the EAD card. If anyone is interested. EAD card has something called : card Number: which starts with three letters. From which you can identify the USCIS office location applied to. Here is the list that i got from a post. SRC - Texas Service Center (TSC, formerly Southern Regional Center) LIN - Nebraska Service Center (NSC, Lincoln, NE) WAC - California Service Center (CSC, formerly Western Adjudication Center) EAC - Vermont Service Center (VSC, formerly Eastern Adjudication Center) MSC - Missouri Service Center (MSC, transitioned to NBC) NBC - National Benefits Center (NBC, for N-400 Naturalization and other cases) I have another question though. When answered "Yes", next blank is Date(s) I do not understand what dates I need to fill. Because it is only giving me one date to fill (even though it says date(s) ). Is it date when applied? or is it date OPT started ? or is it date OPT ended? or Is it the receipt date? I only have OPT start and End dates information. Can anyone please help me how to answer this?
  11. Can anyone please let me know how to answer the following questions in I-765 form 1) Have you ever been applied for employment authorization from USCIS? Should I have to say "Yes" because I have EAD card from the OPT? (Or) is this question generalized for the renewals or lost or stolen purpose? 2) If I have to say "Yes" to above question, then next question is which USCIS office? How to find the location where this is been applied? (because i got this card 7 years ago from my university) Any help is really appreciated.
  12. Thanks a lot. After reading through the I-765 instructions it was mentioned to submit the i-94 copy. I will submit the following I-20's EAD (that I got from OPT) I-94 All H1-B copies my old I-94 is not showing any dates so I am submitting all.
  13. orgchem

    i-485 cross chargeability question

    Thanks so much Belle.
  14. I am applying i-485 under cross-chargeability. Just wondering how to answer this question in the i-485. Below is one of the question in I-485 I am applying for an adjustment to permanent resident status because: Option 1: An immigrant petition giving me an immediate available immigrant visa number that has been approved ( Attach a copy of the approval notice with this application that will give you an immediately available vis anumber, if approved) Option 2: other basis of eligibility. Explain (for example, I was admitted as a refugee, my status has not been terminated ...so on) Should I choose the option 1 or 2? can anyone please let me know.
  15. Thanks much for the reply. CPT was from a real university. Its still exist and it looks like it's doing good. But I was wondering should I submit the I-20's or not because in the i-485 instructions it did not mention anything of that sort. Can anyone please reply if you get rfe to submit i-20's and the employment information in OPT?