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  1. jppatel37

    Successful E3 Visa interview

    I had successful E3 visa interview at Ottawa Consulate on April 21st. It was very simple process and VO asked for only very few questions. Which visa you are currently on? Why are you applying same visa again ? What is your highest level of education ? waiting on my passport
  2. jppatel37

    E3 Visa / LCA Expired

    Need suggestion on my situation Currently on E3 Visa : Visa Validity in Passport Nov 2017 and I94 Valid up to Jan 2018 LCA Validity : 1/2015 to 1/2017 my employer is saying that it was mistake by custom office as they shouldn't have given me Visa beyond my LCA expiration date. Now to correct that issue I will have to fly back to Canada with new LCA and get new E3 Visa. We realized that when I started email thread for my Visa renewal. My questions : Can I just file new LCA and resume my work with that LCA . As I already have visa till Nov 2017.
  3. My mother is US citizen and I am currently on E3 Visa. She is applying for my I130 for family based green card. Can we apply for my I130/I485 concurrently. I am Australian Citizen born in India.
  4. jppatel37

    E3 Visa Change of Client

    Is the true for E-3 Visa also ? Since I hold E-3 Visa .
  5. jppatel37

    E3 Visa Change of Client

    Currently I hold E3 visa with Employer X and working for one of the client of my employer and my current assignment is ending soon Starting December I will be working for another client of my employer. (still same employer) Only thing changing here is placement of work. My employer think he needs to file new LCA (which i can understand since work location is changing) and I have to again go for stamping. (which i cant understand since i already have visa/work authorization for same employer till 2015) . Could you please tell me right thing to do here? I want to avoid a run to Canada again for Visa Stamping for same employer just because now I am working for new client.