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  1. I will be completing my 6 years of my H-1B visa in September. I have an approved I-140 from the same employer but my PERM Role and my H-1B Role and Job Descriptions are slightly different. Basically, I had role of Senior Programmer Analyst and I have an approved I-140 with the same role. Later my role was changed to Software Engineer II. I got my previous visa extension with Software Engineer II role. But the I-140 role Job Description has Bachelors degree with 5 years experience or Master's with 2-3 years experience but Software Engineer II role only has Bachelors with 2-3 years experience. My attorney is saying that there is a discrepancy on the Job Descriptions with I-140 and H-1B. So they are recommending Pay increase/Promotion or alternatively do a Wage Salary Survey that match I-140 petition and H-1B match. Can you please advise ?
  2. DealWithIT

    VISA Stamping Experience today @ Calgary,Canada

    Hey,I attended the interview at 8:30 Am in Calgary on nov 18th and got approved but My status is still showing "Administrative Processing". How about yours what does your case status say?How long does it take to receive Passport in calgary after approval.