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  1. Am in pretty much same situation. In addition to the above, I would like to know whether I can leave my wife and kids here in US and I alone move out and come back once my perm is approved. Thanks!
  2. Pamy

    EAD for children

    My company applied for GC in EB1 Category in March. Till now only my 6 year old daughter has received her EAD. Does this mean that mine and my husband's case is also accepted and approved and we will also be receiving our EAD shortly? Or is there still a chance of RFE or rejection of the papers? Please clarify. Thanks!!
  3. Am not sure. Am trying to check. My employer e-mailed me the receipt number. i guess they would have received it thru mail. will update here once i get a response from my employer.
  4. I read in an another thread here that all regular processing petitions go to NSC. Can someone pls tell if that is true? My employer applied for extension in PP on Mar 31st n I received the receipt number today stating it is going to be processed in NSC. TIA!!
  5. Hi.. a quick question... how do we check if the extension is going to be processed in premium? My employer filed for extension on Mar 31st in PP.. I got the receipt number today stating "On Apr 26th USCIS received your petition..etc.. and that NSC would process it"....
  6. My husband's 7 year term (he was in H1B and now statua changed to L1A) would come to an end by Oct end. His employer has filed for GC in EB1 category in March. We received receipt number and have appointment for Biometrics this week. Generally, how long would it take to get our EAD? I understand that once we get our I-140 approved and get our EAD we can continue to stay/work here. Is my understanding correct? Would all this happen before October? Thanks!!
  7. hi.. can u pls tell me how do you know your packet was delivered to NSC?
  8. Hi.. I saw some posts stating that their case is in NSC/VSC. How to figure out in which processing center my case is in currently? My extension was filed on Mar 31st and I haven't received my receipt number yet. TIA!!
  9. Pamy

    Visa Applications/Interviews

    Hello Attorney, My L1-B Blanket visa was rejected today in Chennai Consulate. The VO handed over a blue slip to me marking the option - visa not clearly approvable (221g). 1. What does this mean? Would they contact for additional documents? VO also said that this is not the right visa category. I had traveled to USA in H1-B visa before. But since I am currently working in a specialized tool, I had applied for Blanket L1. 2. Now, would it be an issue if I apply again in H1-B visa category? 3. Am I eligible for cap exempt H1 category? 4. I also read in some post that if there is two work permit rejection in a single year then that candidate is barred from applying for US work permit permanently? Is this true? 5. Should I wait for certain period before applying for H1? I know that's lot of questions but I would be really grateful if you could answer all of them. Thanks in advance!!
  10. Pamy

    H4 to F1 (Studying in H4 visa)

    Thank You so much for your response!!!
  11. Pamy

    H4 to F1 (Studying in H4 visa)

    Thanks a lot!!! When you said cap subject H1, would I be eligible for 20,000 visas allocated for those completing higher studies in USA, or would I fall under the regular 65,000 visa category?
  12. Hello Everybody, I need some inputs regarding studying in US in H$ visa. My intention is to work in US. But, my spouse has a H1-B, so I have decided to travel in H4. I have heard that we can study while in H4, then convert it to F1 and then do OPT and finally work towards obtaining H1-B visa. I am in bad need of information regarding the above. I have not taken up GRE. I browsed and found that there are some certificate courses, which could be done while in H4, without GRE score. The same course, on completing some credits can be converted to a degree. My questions are: 1. How would this option work out -> Should I enroll for the course and then convert my H4 to F1 or should I first convert my H4 to F1 and then apply for the course? 2. How will my F1 be converted to OPT? Basically, what is OPT? 3. How can a certificate course be converted to a degree? 4. How can i apply for H1 while in OPT? I am really dark about these processes and request someone to throw some light on it. Thanks in advance.
  13. They are still evaluating it. Your advice would be really helpful for me at this juncture.
  14. Hello All, I have a question with respect o L1-B visa. A brief description of my scenario: I am working for a Service Provider company X, for a US-based client Y. I am currently in India. My company X has initiated Blanket L1-B visa for me ( I was previously on H1 visa, which got expired in September 2013) I am working for the same client Y, for almost 4 years now, as an Architect and have designed and developed a tool for the client from the scratch. I am the one from my company X, who has complete knowledge on this Client's Proprietary tool. Any change in the design or in the architecture of this client's tool, cannot be done without my help or interference. Can I propose this tool as my Specialized Knowledge and proceed with my L1-B visa? Would this proposal get approved and would I be granted L1-B visa? Awaiting your response attorney... quick response wold be highly appreciated. Thanks!!