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  1. My current H1 expiers in April 2014. I have applied and received an extention. My new I797 has a start date from May 2014. I am appearing for Visa interview in Feb 2nd week and wanted to know which I797 to use on DS160. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi Hary...As i mentioned earlier the Visa officier just verifed the stage of my GC process...The VO was like..."looks like your employer has initiated your GC process and your I140 is approved"....for which i said "Yes" I hope this helps!!
  3. The VO has all the information about you, including your current stage of your GC process. The VO verified the same with me.
  4. This forum has been a good source of information and helped me prepare well for the interview. I would like to briefly share my experience: The questions were pretty similar to what were posted earlier in this forum, I was seeking Visa with H1B renewal( with I140 approval). Here are the questions: What do you work as for you Employer? Who's the client? What do you do for client? What's your highest degree and from where? The visa officer verified the GC process with my employer? Does your employer pay you on time? That's it…your Visa is approved. Not a single document was asked. My petition was not updated in PIMS, so the VO informed me that it would take additional day to receive the passport and that was what exactly happened….I had my interview on 22nd and received the passport at Loomis on 24th….Others who did not have PIMS issue got their passports on 23rd itself. Don't worry much about PIMS, you can't do much about it ahead of time( sending emails ahead of time will not work). If your petition is not updated in PIMS database, it would just take an additional day(or two) to receive your passports. There were quite a few folks in similar situation, so PIMS is not a big issue. Just be honest and confident during your interview. Good Luck to you all!!
  5. you would say its you first H1B.
  6. My status changed to Issued this morning. hoping to receive the passport today. you can contact me at my email..I have updated my profile.
  7. Sam- Did you receive your passport yesterday? Beebs- Is your delay due to PIMS? I guess changing the status from Adim processing to Issued is varying from case to case. Vanasthali- lets hope our status changes to Issued today.
  8. Hi - I had the interview on the same day and in the same situation as you are!! Did the VO say that your info was not updated in PIMS?
  9. Hi Sam- Once you pick you passport, could you give me your contact details(email or phone). I am in the same boat as you were a week ago and relaying on your information. Just wanted to contact you to know more details. Thanks for your responses. Draj
  10. Ok..great!! Thanks for the update. Did you send any emails to Calgary Consulate for any update? Draj
  11. Sam- Did you have any update on your passport?
  12. Hi Sam- I had my interview today only. I was told PIMS verification would take additional one extra day to receive the passport. but looking at your situation that seems to be wrong. what link are you looking to track your status? Deeraj
  13. Hi Sam- Did your friend receive your passport? How long did it take to receive the passport. This information will help as I just had an interview at Calgary and the PIMS database is not updated with my information too. Thanks, Deeraj
  14. Hi Sam- When was your I797 approved? Typically if your I797 is approved close to your stamping date, there is a likely chance that PIMS database will not be updated.
  15. Congratulation Praveen!! Thanks for a detailed overview.