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  1. Hi, Please let me know the percentage of chance for F2 to H1B visa approval.Thank you!
  2. Hi, Please let me know the chances of EB1 or NIW approval for my husand. He is a Phd in Technology(concentration: polymers and coatings). Below are his details and his research is focused on Environmentally Friendly Vegetable Oil based Chemicals for Coatings and Adhesives. PUBLICATIONS: Peer Reviewed Journals: 4 Research Articles Number Citations : 5 International Magazines: 3 Research Articles Research Conference Proceedings: 5 Research Articles JUDGE: 5 times, he has served as a Judge for the work of others in his research field. EXPERIENCE: Industrial Research: 4 years 6 Months University Research: 6 years 6 months AWARDS: 1) Best Scientist Award (Industry Research work) 2) 3 Industry Awards for University Research: Awards Obtained from Companies like Chrysler, Dupont and Lubrizol 3) Research Conference Awards: 5 VISA STATUS: F1 Visa (Starting OPT from December 22nd 2013)
  3. renusree

    H1B application question on cap exemption

    Thank you so much!!
  4. Hi, I had applied for H1B during 2008 and my H1B petition got approved.Due to unavoidable circumstances, i could not go for visa stamping and eventually my consultant cancelled my petition.I want to apply for H1B again.Will i be cap exempt when i apply for H1B again in 2014(because my petition was approved but not stamped 5 years ago)? If i'm cap exempt, can i apply for H1B this month itself. Thank you!