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  1. Aravind_615

    Administrative processing ...even after H1 approval

    @ all I got an email with waybill number and i should be able to pick up on monday It seems like you will have to wait for 3-5 business days . also I was told the first friday of every month is holiday for embassy . i hope you all get your passport soon , all the best @ sanjay2011 I went to counter 2
  2. Aravind_615

    PIMS Issue - Ottawa

    All ; I got email with waybill number and it is ready to pickup on monday. We need to wait till we get the email , it would take 3-4 business days Aravind
  3. Hi All I had my interview for my H1B stamping in Ottawa on Dec 3 . VO did not ask much questions , in the end he said he is approving my H1B stamping. He also said I would be receiving my passport in 3 business days . on Dec 6 , I checked my status on https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/ it shows as Administrative processing . I have couple of my friends here whose visa has been approved at the same time , their status shows as Issued . Is anybody facing the same problem ? VO did not tell me any problem with the PIMS Regards
  4. Aravind_615

    PIMS Issue - Ottawa

    Hi Razz Is there any way to contact embassy regarding this ? or waiting for their email is the only choice I am kinda in similar situation Regards
  5. Hi All I have scheduled my interview on December 3rd at Ottawa . I would like to share the room , let me know if anybody interested . Regards Aravind
  6. Hi All I have my interview scheduled on December 3rd . I am looking for people to share the room . Please let me know . email id : aravind.h615@gmail.com
  7. Aravind_615

    Looking for a shared accomodation @ Ottawa Dec 3rd

    Hi Sanubdevan I am planning to book the interview on December 2nd , and i am planning to come on saturday/sunday Let me know if you are still looking for some one to share the room. my email id is ********************@gmail.com Aravind