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  1. rajini567

    old I 94 on H1 approval

    Thanks guys but I 797 A says petition and change of status has been approved from oct 1st 2014 to mar 2016 and also have the i 94 part attached but with the old i94 number not with the one which i have when reentered in April. Please clear my confusion and let me know what to do its a very wierd kind a scenario i have never heard of this before.
  2. rajini567

    old I 94 on H1 approval

    Hello, Plz help guys I am on h4 and applied H1 this year and travelled out of country from March to april and returned on h4 with i 94 (yyy)while petition is pending. Later when i am in u.s my petition got approved along with cos approval effective date oct 1st 2014 but the i 94 number on the h1 approval is old i 94(xxx) which i had before leaving u.s in March. Now my question is 1. is this an issue. which status am i in currently. 2. As cos is approved can i start working.
  3. Hi, I am on H4 in US at present and my H1 was filed through consular processing as I was in India at the time of filing. H1 is approved with consular processing. 1) what are my options do i need to go for stamping or can i also file cos (amendment)? 2) Will i be cap exempt even if I do not get my visa stamped. 3) If i go for h1 stamping and if its not stamped will it impact my present H4? 4) Is there a premium process available for COS. Please need you advice
  4. rajini567

    H4 travel to India while applying COS to H1

    Thanks for your reply. My question is if i am out of country from March 25 to april15 2014 1.I am on H4 status which is valid till 2015 so do i need to still file my h1 processing as consular process OR 2.can i file it as change of status and return on my h4. 3. If i come back on h4 will it impact my h1 and how? I appreciate your response.
  5. rajini567

    Travel on H4 while H1 petition pending

    Please Help!!!! My Motion to reappeal of H1b petition applied in april 13 is pending and i have a valid H4 visa till 2015. 1.if i travel out of the country and get H4 stamping and return on h4 then will my COS part of H1 be denied?? 2. If my H1 is approved while I am in india what options do i have?? I would appreciate your advice.
  6. rajini567

    H4 travel to India while applying COS to H1

    Hello, Please help me with this question: If I file H1 this April 14 can i be out of country from March 1 to May and still file a petition for h1b??? because i 94 with which i file may not be valid right?
  7. @H1B_SBAN Could you please update your filing , receipt and approval dates and service center it would be help us to track our cases accordingly.
  8. @H1Dreamer I never got any RFE directly my status went from Initial review to Denial decision. Reason: USCIS has abandoned my case saying "we have sent you an RFE and there was no response in the given timeline" thus denied. The fact is we never received an RFE so filed a MTR this January. So I was wondering if any of you or your friends faced similar issue if so please let me know how many days did it take for processing and what was the decision.
  9. My H1 is denied this year due to some gross error from the USCIS. We have reopened the case this month Does anyone of you have similar denial reason and any idea does it take same processing time as others?
  10. Hello did any of you got any update on their motion to reopen from uscis. I am also planning to file it. Please let me know your processing times that would fetch me a lot.
  11. rajini567

    Motion to Reopen: new H1B petition

    @ mtr_h1b I am also planning to file my MTR can you please update me your status, did you get any decision on it.
  12. rajini567

    H4 to H1plzzz help

    Thanks for your reply I really appreciate. I am filing h4 extension along with my spouse h1b extension under premium.
  13. rajini567

    H4 to H1plzzz help

    I am planning to file my h4 extension in premium processing h4 extension might get approved prior to h1 then according last action rule my status would be h1? And if my h1 is approved and change of status is denied then what are the available options?
  14. rajini567

    H4 to H1plzzz help

    My present status is H-4 valid till Dec 2013. H1-B is in processing. Applying for H4 extension to be on safer side. Please help me out on My questions. 1.If my H-4 is approved prior to H1-B approval then will there be any impact to change of status approval(COS) from H4 to H1. If yes then what are the available options. 2.If COS H4 to H1-B is denied along with H1 approval then can I still continue my stay in US on extended H-4.