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  1. Based on the info above i think you got the email from loomis on December 4th, can you tell me what time you got the email from loomis
  2. pkk

    H1B Visa Stamp - I-94 Issue

  3. pkk

    PIMS Issue - Ottawa

    Can you please share your interview experience.
  4. pkk

    Anyone waiting for passport in Ottawa

    can you please share the interview questions
  5. pkk

    221g Yellow at Ottawa Dec'03

    Can you please share the questions the VO asked you
  6. pkk

    Successful Stamping @ Ottawa, Canada

    Hi, In your DS-160 application, what did you fill for name of employer and address under the where you intend to work section? Is it employer name and address or client name and address or employer name and client address?
  7. pkk

    DS 160 Help

    should i put the Client company name where it asks for Name of the Employer?
  8. pkk

    DS 160 Help

    I am working at the client place
  9. pkk

    DS 160 Help

    Please let me know whether the following details that i have filled in my ds-160 is correct or i need to make any change. My doubt is do i have fill the Client name in the Name of the Employer section under Where Do You Intend to Work or it should be my employer name only. Name of Person/Company who Filed Petition : EMPLOYER NAME Where Do You Intend to Work? Name of Employer EMPLOYER NAME U.S. Address CLIENT ADDRESS Phone Number CLIENT PHONE NUMBER
  10. I am also in the same situation, how much time is it taking for the LA consulate to return our passport after they receive the passport from us?.