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  1. Mani Venkatesh

    OPT EXT Denied

    Hi Rahul, Thanks for the reply. The certification which i did is in STEM. You will get this OPT Ext only when you do it along with MIS. Which i did and that is how our university gives complete 29 month OPT to the students with MIS and information assurance certification. This has been the trend in our university and till date no one has been denied. you can also check the STEM list in following government site for information assurance[ CIP CODE: 11.1003] Link: http://www.ice.gov/sevis/stemlist.htm thanks, Mani
  2. Mani Venkatesh

    OPT EXT Denied

    My 12 OPT expires on Jan 14, 2014. Applied for OPT Ext & denied On Nov 5, 2013. SEVIS Cancelled on Nov 6, 2013 when OPT is ACTIVE. What to do? please help 1. How can SEVIS cancelled when i'm on ACTIVE OPT & in job? 2. My DSO raised ticket for SEVIS to activate,How long this might take as my OPT is still valid? 3. Thinking to apply for I-290B [vit above point 2 in consideration will this be done quickly?] 4. MIS my major[ Not STEM] but did certification on Information Assurance [CIP: 11.1003] is STEM. 5. I submitted my transcript & filled same details of STEM certification in i-765 form too, when applying for OPT EXT. This is how in our university we get full 29 month OPT. 6. DSO says it is mistake of officer who didnt notice that i also did STEM course. 7. Denial notice says: Ur SEVIS system shows degree MIS not qualified for STEM. But we mentioned in i20 3rd page comments, which is the way they do here& every1 got approved till date except me...[ Feeling very unlucky :( ] 8. Is Change Of Status to F1 an option? if so, will that work as my SEVIS is Cancelled? 9. what to do?...please have everything in hand couldnt find a perfect solution.... thanks, Mani.