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  1. Hi, I need to get my H1B stamped May before an upcoming International travel. Is there any way to check available appointments for Vancouver or Tijunana without paying the $190 fees? Please help. Thanks
  2. cheekudas

    Vancouver Visa Stamping

    Is there anyway to check available appointments without paying the $190 fees? If anybody paid the fees, can you please let me know if there are any H1b appointments available in May/June,2019? Thanks in advance
  3. cheekudas

    Kingston,Jamaica - 9thDec Appointment

    Hi Sree, I am looking for female accommodation , i have interview on 9th . Will arrive Jamaica on 8th DEC . Swathi.
  4. Hi All Something changed in the last minute & person who I planned earlier to share the accommodation with has rescheduled her appointment. Please email me if anybody (female) is willing to share at the earliest. Thanks Swathi
  5. cheekudas

    H1B Visa Stamping on Dec 12 in Jamaica

    Hema, ' Can you please share your stamping experience ,I am also in the same boat. Do i need to buy India ticket ? Regards, Swathi.
  6. Hi I have scheduled my date for Dec 9th,2013 too. I am willing to share accomodation. Please provide me your contact info or email me @ ****************@yahoo.co.in at your earliest convenience. Thanks
  7. Hi All I booked my stamping date @ Jamaica consulate for Dec 9th,2013. Anybody (female) scheduled around the same time to share accomodation? Please let me know. Thanks