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    cap exempt

    Hi All I have visa stamped from company A valid till may 2017 I had been to US in 2014 and returned to India in feb 2015 . I have the ssn ,few payslips for period of work in 2014 - feb 2015 The h1b petition currently from company A is withdrawn now ( 2014-2017) My question: If next employer i.e company B needs to transfer h1b , am I eligible for cap exempt ? if yes , if i get approved petition via company B , do i need to go for stamping again ? Thanks
  2. blueslipch

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    Hi Guys I am in similar boat to you guys Blue slip from chennai . ( Adminstrative processing) - H1b Interview : 7-Nov-2013 VO : Asked for client letter. I didnt have client letter . I told I work from my Parent office in US, Client is in differnt location in US. I can give Master service agreement (MSA) and Statement of work ( SOW) He took h1 docs like i797 i129 , didnt take MSA and SOW. I came back to home in chennai. 4 hours later on same day: I got call from chennai consulate and asked for client letter. I told: i dont have . So the person on phone said , that i can submit MSA and SOW . I submitted to the consulate on same day 7-Nov Guys, let me know what would would be the probable end result. I have Engineering degree and 6+ yrs of experience. My documents are clear. I have been hired for company in US , midsize - around 30 employees. Client is ok. What should i do next? how long shud i wait? Any inputs folks? Thanks.