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  1. josekani

    Eligibility for applying

    Hi I received my i485 approval and expecting the green card soon. I am planning to take citizenship and settle here soon after I am eligible for applying citizenship. I have some questions, could anyone help me ? Is there any restrictions that I need to be with current employer for ‘n’ number of days? If yes how many. If no restrictions what is your advice on changing the employer ? does it impact my pathway to citizenship ? How long I should wait for applying citizenship ?
  2. Thanks for your reply.. sad to see that Texas Service Center (TSC) is trending toward 5 months, mine is in TX... ...crossing fingures
  3. Hi My Priority date is current and i submitted my I 485 documents. how long it will take to get my GC after submitting I-485. my labor is filled in EB3 category and my priority date is current due to cross chargeability. My figure print is scheduled on end of this month (2/2014) .
  4. My Labour is approved in EB3 and my priority date is current because of cross chargebility. how much time it will tak for me to get the green card ? any idea ??
  5. josekani

    Green Card Lottery/Diversity Visa Program

    Thank you JoeF, in my scenario I born in India and trying to use cross chargeability based on my wife’s place of birth. Are you saying I can use cross chargeability using my wife’s POB and she can apply through DV ?
  6. josekani

    Green Card Lottery/Diversity Visa Program

    HI my wife is born in UAE but an Indian citizen, she is now on her H4 visa. my labor is approved for EB3 and Nov 2011 is my priority date. Does my wife is eligible for applying green card lottery?, when will be the date for next GC lottery application. Is it advisable to go for green card lottery if she is eligible or better to go for Cross chargeability option? Suppose If I go for Cross chargeability option and gets rejected, can I go for lottery? Please advise? Any help is really appreciated Thanks you