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  1. CPS007

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    My Case got cleared too. Here is the update. Nov. 7th, 2013: 221g Green Received (Requested to submit Resume, Publications, Source of funding for MS program, Kept I-797, passport returned Nov. 19th, 2013: Documents Submitted (Resume, I-20s, Research Assistantship letter, Publications, Brief explanation of Research with Abstract, Education - Experience Evaluation letter (Not Requested0 Nov.20th, 2013: First status update on CEAC website Nov.20th,2013: Received a letter from trtniv that they have received the documents. Dec. 9th,2013: Clearance Email Received, requested to submit the passport Dec.10th,2013: Passport Submitted along with 221g Green and Clearance email, Requested to pickup passport from Consulate, gave 12th Dec. date Dec.12th,2013: Asked to come next day as passport is in system glitch Dec.13th,2013: Picked up the passport along with Original I-797. Good Luck to all of those who are waiting, this forum has provided very good information for which I didn't have any clue (221g Green). It gave sense community feeling and much needed patience. Never ever loose hope. :) Thanks to all for their valuable inputs. I am planning to travel on Monday, let me know if somebody is planning on that day.
  2. CPS007

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    @sai96 . Congrates... I will see you at US Consulate today between 3.00 to 4.00 . Catch me with Black leather jacket , blue cap with logo and blue jeans..
  3. CPS007

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Congrates toronto111313 @sai96, days01 and others who got green 221g, I have also got green 221g on 7th Nov, they asked to submit CV/Resume, exact nature of the research, Source of funding. I have submitted on the 19th, and got confirmation that they have received my documentations. My status got change on 20th. Haven't heard anything after that. Do they take 1797 also?, mine was taken and they return the passport. Will they return the 1797 afterwards? Please let me know guys? Thanks,
  4. CPS007

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Congrates to all who got it.. This forum is very useful who are sailing the same boat. Congrates to @murthyH1B for the thanksgiving gift :), I see it in checkee :) @MurthyH1B : when did you submit your documents ?, Mine is 7th , but I submitted docs on 19th.
  5. CPS007

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Hello All, I am also joining the list. I was interviewed on 7th Nov. the VO asked few question and handed me the Green slip and told it may approximate a month to process. she returned the passport.. and kept the I797 Received 221g Green with tick mark on "Details concerning your exact nature of field of study/research, CV, list of publication, source of funding". The same day, I received an email letter asking to submit following documents. Complete C.V (Resume), complete list of publications, detailed description of your research or work. This is my 3rd H1 extension, the earlier two got approved without any issue. I am planning to submit following, 1) Copy of I-20 2). Copy Degree Certificate 3). A List of publications, 4). Copy of Source of Funding letter (Research Assistantship) 5) Reserach Description (Abstract - and a brief explanation) 6) Resume Please let me know guys, if anything else should I submit or write in the explanation.. Appreciate your time. Foks.. Is it cause for concern?, What would have caused her to issue green 221g... any idea?
  6. CPS007

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Hi All, Yesterday, I have also joined the Boat, I was handed the green 221g at the Toronto Consulate. I already have two H1s approved without any issue and this was my 3rd extension Based on PERM pending/approved more than 365 days. The Green 221g which has tick mark on "details considering exact nature of field of study/research, CV, list of publications, and source of funding". it was later followed by an email with a request to submit following documents. - Complete C.V. (Resume) - Complete list of publications - Detailed descriptions of your research or work