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  1. Bajarang16

    Cap Exempted Category

    Hi Arun, My application is pending still.I don't think this is a problem to any other visa.I gone to B1 interview and I have gone through it. Sorry for late reply Thanks, Bajarang
  2. Bajarang16

    Cap Exempted Category

    Hi Jairichi, My H1B petition went for USCIS review on March 10th from chennai consulate.Some other employer ready file H1 for me?Can my new employer use old petition I mean can he able to file petition under cap exempted category? and also I would like to know which one good option like filing H1B with another employer or waiting for USCIS review outcome? Thanks a lot in advance Thanks, Bajarang
  3. Bajarang16

    From B1 to H1/F1

    Hi, I am also in same situation as pari29 my question here is about the employer. We can file H1B with any employer when we are on B1? or else only the employer who is working currently on B1? Could ypu please confirm this? Thanks, Bajarang
  4. Bajarang16

    H1B Transfer

    Hi Rajender, I am also in same situation but mine is not yet revoked.When I browse through forums I am hearing mixed thoughts few told yes and few told not even from lawyers also I am hearing the same thing. Could you please let me know if you heard anything.I have updated my email id in my profile please do let me know Thanks, Bajarang
  5. Hi Amit, Could you please let me know your findings on this.I am alos in same situation.I haead mixed thoughts ont hings like few peopple say possible few not?I was so confused.Only difference for both of us still I have not recived decison from USCIS its still under review.I have not yet received NOIR or NOID Thanks, Bajarang
  6. Bajarang16

    Urgent - Post Decision Activity with 221(g)

    Hi Anil, I am also in same situation.but my case is sent for review 2014 march.Please share ur emailid in profile will discuss. Thanks, Bajarang
  7. Bajarang16

    Cap Exempted Category

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have got refusal letter on March 10th 2014.in that they mentioned like this... This office regrets to inform you that it is unable to issue a visa to you because you have been found ineligible for a visa under the following section(s) of the Immigration and Nationality Act(INA). *Section 221(g)of the Act Prohibits the issuance of a Visa to anyone who has failed to present the documents required in connection with the visa application,or who has failed to submit sufficient credible evidence to support the claimed petitionable relationship.The following remarks apply in your case. --Action in your case has been suspended under section 221(g) of the United satates Immigration and nationality Act(INA)Pending further administrative processing.the petition is being returned to USCIS for review.Upon Completion of the review,review ,USCIS will contact your petitioner. Can you please let me know in this Can I ask my new employer to file my petion again under cap exempted category.or should I wait for USCIS decision. If suppose USCIS revoke my petition can I file cap exempted or should I go through cap again. Can you please let me know on this It will be great help for me? Thanks, Bajarang
  8. Hi All, My H1B peition got approved in 2013 sept in india from Company A.I went for an interview in Nov 1st 2013 in chennai consulate VO not requested for additional docs.they took all my docs (I797,I129,LCA,client letter,Client and employer agreemnet)they gave 221(g) blue form till now there is no updates form them. I have got another offer from compay B.They are ready to process B1 for me.In this case can I go a head apply for B1 while h1b is in adminstrative process? is employer is required to withdraw my current H1B? what would be correct way to proceed. Please let me know? Thanks, Bajarang
  9. Bajarang16

    Can I apply for B1 while H1 is in administraticeprocess

    Hi Jairichi, Thanks alot for your reply. Just need one more clarification.If another files cap exempted petition is my previous employer need to with draw my currecmt h1 because mine was still under admin processing. Thanks, Bajarang
  10. Bajarang16

    Can I apply for B1 while H1 is in administraticeprocess

    Hi Jairichi, Thanks for your reply. I have not travelled to US till now in that can ask them to transfer my existing H1 or new one.If H1 transfer is possible can i ask my employer to withdraw?Please let me know on this Because the company which is sponsoring B1 they told H1 Transfer is not possilbe. Please let me know ur thoughts on this? Thanks, Sowjanya
  11. Bajarang16

    221G Blue slip - Chennai Consulate - H1B

    Hi PSS21, Even im in same boat.My interview dat is nov1st.still no updates.Can you please update ur email id in ur profile.so that will talk more. Thanks, Bajarang
  12. Hi Sam, Yes,they took all my documents like I797,I129,LCA,client letter and agreement between employer and client.They returned my passport. Thanks, Bajarang
  13. Hi All, I have attended interview at chennai consualte on Nov 1st.I have got 221(G) blue form.I have completed more than 30 days.till now they did not contacted my client or employer.If anybody on this sirtuation please reply me. Thanks, Bajarang
  14. Bajarang16

    Issued 221 (g) at hyderabad

    Hi Buzztous, Do you know is your client got any sort of verification from USCIS.If yes please let me know when it happend. Thanks, Bajarang
  15. Bajarang16

    Is this refusal or Still Pending?

    Hi , looks like Admin has been edited ur email id can you please put into ur profile so that I will contatc you. Thanks
  16. Bajarang16

    Is this refusal or Still Pending?

    Hi Can you please let me know ur email address even my brother also in same situation will discuss more. Thanks
  17. Bajarang16

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    @gitasankar: I have completed 4 weeks after my interview.as of now my client is not contaced yet.I have seen most of them client verification happened on their 3rd week do you see any one like me?
  18. Bajarang16

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    Hi All, I am also in same situation @chandu_blueslip,blueslipch Did you hear anything from consulate recently?is your client verification done?
  19. Bajarang16

    221 G Blue at chennai

    Hi All, I Have got the same slip on nov 1st from chennai consulate.Please let me know if anybody got good news.