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  1. kwyjibo

    visa stamping approval limit

    As many as you want, but when you get an H1B stamp approved, it is for a set period of time AND you can use it to join any company that filed an approved H1B petition.
  2. No limits, BUT you are generally expected to take some time between applications if denied. 3 months is a reasonable time to wait.
  3. kwyjibo

    I-94 wrong data of birth

    You can fix mistakes with form I-824 or try for free by contacting the premium processing unit (phone number should be on the I-797), and they might fix it, particularly if they are at fault.
  4. kwyjibo

    Wait time since PP conversion

    You should remember that just because you upgrade your case to premium processing, doesn't mean 15 days guaranteed because if you get an RFE, then the clock stops, and when you reply, it resets again! So it really can be up to 30 days + RFE prep time. If it goes beyond these limits you should get a refund too, and also get help from a lawyer to maybe get a liaison help. Good luck!
  5. kwyjibo

    H1b dates...

    Here: http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/wait/wait_4638.html
  6. kwyjibo

    Vancouver 221(g) White- No update yet

    You can get the information about the consulate on the following link: http://vancouver.usconsulate.gov/contact.html
  7. kwyjibo

    change of status from h4 to h1 and maternity leave

    She can take a maternity leave, but the terms of it should be what the company customarily gives to others at the company.
  8. kwyjibo

    H4 visa interview experiences

    They are getting tougher! It used to be all you need is proof of marriage (marriage cert) for spouses, or birth cert for kids, but I've learned that in some cases for H4, they are asking for proof of the H1B spouse's actual employment, especially in cases where the H1B worker is working at a consulting company. So have pay stubs, W2, client letter, and employer letter just in case.
  9. Some people, when they get their H1B denied, get admission to a university, and start working on CPT. It's kind of shifty, but works for many. And the next year, they apply for H1B again. An appeal could be tough if the employer didn't prove an end-client project.