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  1. arose

    H1-B Expiring soon

    Since there is no preimum processing for O-3 applicants and with the average processing time being 5.5 -7.5 months, is there any way that I can expedite my application like reaching out to congressman etc? Please advise.
  2. arose

    H1-B Expiring soon

    My 6 year H1-B along with recapture time is expiring in March 2020 and my PERM is currently under processing. My company is asking me to work from Canada from April 2020. My wife is on a O1 visa and I was wondering if I become her dependent on a O-3 visa, can I continue to visit US from Canada while my PERM and I-140 are under processing?
  3. arose

    H1-B Expiring

    My 6th year of H1-B is expiring in Feb 2020 and my PERM is currently being processed. I don't have much recapture time for my H1-B extension. I am afraid that if I loose my job before February and if I am able find another company that is interested to hire me, under what visa category can they do that? Has anyone faced such kind of situation ? Is the only option to leave the country ?
  4. arose

    Travel while H1-B Amendment

    I got my stamping done in Rome. They only asked me 3 questions.
  5. arose

    RFE response review time

    I am in the same boat as well. RFE was replied on May 9th and still pending.
  6. arose

    Travel while H1-B Amendment

    A quick update that my H1-B visa stamping was approved in Europe without any issues and since then I have been out of the country twice.
  7. Hi I work full time for a MNC and I have my H1-B approval till Feb 2020. I switched job to a sister team within the same company and my H1-B amendment for change of work location was filed in Dec 2018. I got an RFE in May 2019 and still waiting to get approval. I need to travel internationally asap and with my H1-B visa expired, would i have any problem when I go for visa stamping with my amendment still under processing and with previous approved I-797?
  8. Hi My H1-B visa expired in May 2019 and I have my H1-B approval with my current employer till Feb 2020. I am planning to visit Italy soon and was wondering if anyone had experience getting their visa stamped in Italy or Europe in general? Note: This will be my third H1-B visa stamping and previous two stampings were done in India.
  9. I am currently on a H1-B visa which is valid till Feb 2020 and need to work from a different South Asian country for couple of months since my spouse needs to be there. I was wondering if there would be any implications when returning back to US ? I wfh and if my employer is ok would that be sufficient or do i have to let USCIS know about it? Will it affect my PERM application that is currently under processing because of my absence here ?
  10. arose

    Lost job while on H1B

    Hi I lost my job on H1B on March 11 and my company immediately filed for H1 cancellation. My last pay stub that I have is on March 18th. As of now I don't have a job and am planning to change my status to F2 because my wife is on F1 visa. My questions are 1. If I apply now for F2, will USCIS tell me to leave US ? 2. Also if I get a job while my F2 application is pending, can I transfer to back to H1 again? 3. How long does it take to to get F2 approved? 4. Can someone please give me advice that will really help me? I have tried applying for jobs and all companies have been delaying giving out offers and some have rejected me.
  11. Hi I lost my job at the end of November 2015. I joined company X in Jan 2016 and my H1 transfer process got started. Unfortunately company X is terminating my position now. I have the following questions 1. Will it be considered that I was out of status for these three months? 2. With H1 transfer almost taking six months now, Would there be any potential impact on my upcoming H1 transfer with a new company? 3. My visa is expiring in September. Will there be any problem during my visa interview? Thanks!
  12. arose

    Lost job on H1

    Hi I lost my job last and I got a new job within two weeks. My new employer is filing for my H1 transfer. My H1 with previous employer is valid till 2018 and visa is valid till 2016. I am planning to travel to Costa Rica once my H1 processing starts. Will it be fine if I re-enter the country on new H1 receipt or is it necessary for me to wait till I get the receipt and then only leave the country? Thanks!
  13. What is the case if my H1 is not revoked till the time I return? Will I be safe at that time entering US with employer A H1-B copy and then start working immediately for employer B with their H1 receipt? Also can I go ahead with premium processing for my case as that will be a more suitable solution for me?
  14. Hi I am currently on H1-B with company A which is valid till October 2015. I have my H1-B visa which is valid till September 2016. I accepted a new offer from company B and they are in the process of filing for my H1-transfer. I have plans to travel out of the country starting August and will return in two weeks. My question is considering the case if I resign with company A on July 31st and say they immediately revoke my H1 after that- will it be sufficient for me to enter back to US just with the H1-B receipt of company B ? or is it recommended to resign with company A after returning to US? I have heard that its better not to travel while H1 transfer is being processed? How true is it and what are the precautions I need to take to have a safe re-entry into US? Thanks!
  15. Hi My wife is currently pursuing her PHD from one of the top five universities in the field of Machine Learning. She already has few papers published at some top conferences around the world. I was wondering how easy would it be for her to get her GC process done via EB1 category? Can someone please go into specific requirements or examples of people who had their GC's approved through EB1? Thanks!