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  1. Thanks for the reply. As I am in the US right now, can I apply for an extension now for validity starting from March 26th(PERM Pending 365 days)? After the approval, I leave the country and come back on March 26th. Is this possible at all? or do I have to mandatorily leave the country and come back on H4 and then file for an extension? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello, I am on h1b which is expiring on Jan 24th 2014(including recapture). I have my PERM filed on March 26 2013, which was audited today. As I do not have 365 days between PERM filing and H1B expiry, I want to convert to H4 on my wife's H1B from Jan 25th and wait it out till March 26th.On march 26th will I be eligible for 1 Yr extension? Do I have to leave the country in Jan and save few days on H1B for extension/recapture in March or I can run through till Jan 24th(no saving h1b time) and still can file for extension using 365 days PERM pending rule? Thanks for your time and help.