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  1. rajkumar.t08

    H1 i140 ead

    Can you please reply, urgent
  2. rajkumar.t08

    H1 sixth year

    Can you please reply, urgent
  3. rajkumar.t08

    H1 i140 ead

    Hi My i140 is approved by employer A. When I move to employer B and if they don't do gc process, can I still apply for H4 ead for my wife since my i140 is already approved by employer A Thanks
  4. rajkumar.t08

    H1 sixth year

    Hi My I 140 approval date is 06/02/2019 and Priority date is 12/11/2018 with employer A, after 12/3/2019 if I move to employer B can employer A revoke my i140. Since I am in sixth year of h1 I don't want to get into any trouble. Thanks
  5. rajkumar.t08

    H1b final year and i140

    Hi Can you provide a link for how to request for foia, I have my i140 number using that can I switch to another employer or do I need to have all the i140 documents to switch to another employer If I request in foia within how many days will I get it. Thanks
  6. rajkumar.t08

    H1b final year and i140

    Hey my employer not providing me approved i140 documents, can you tell me how to request from USCIS and will they be notified when I request the documents Is there anyway I can find out whether my i140 documents are approved or not. Thanks
  7. rajkumar.t08

    H1 to student visa dependent

    Hi, if I loose my job my h1 becomes invalid...but my wife is in f1 visa and has opt, so can I convert to dependent visa and stay with her. Thanks
  8. Hi, But I will be working from home only do I still need to file new LCA
  9. Hi, I have H1 b approved for two years. I work for client A, at B location through vendor C and through employer D. From next month I will be working from home for same client A, in another location Z but through same employer D and same vendor C. If I change the location do I need to do amendment or file H1 again and I have one more year of H1 left., since I am working from home in another location. And payroll should be run on which location. Can you guys help me. Thanks
  10. Hi, I did my master degree in Computer Engineering and currently in OPT EAD. Now, I got a job offer with the job title Graphic Designer. As I studied under the computer Engineering Stream, can you kindly let me know whether it is good to work under the Graphic Designer job role. Also can you kindly let me know how to find the concerned employer is e-verified or not Thanks
  11. rajkumar.t08

    h1b receipt number

    hi, nowdays after receiving the tracking number from employer, after that how many working days will it take to get the receipt number from USCIS. Thanks
  12. rajkumar.t08

    two employer h1b processing

    hi, I got offer from two employers A and B. If A and B does H1 b processing after september 11 at same time will it be a problem. Thanks,
  13. rajkumar.t08

    amendment after September 11

    Good morning, After September 11, if I get RFE for amendment should I need to go back to India or I need to appear in court. Can you let me know the procedure? Thanks,
  14. rajkumar.t08

    H1 new rule

    @inquest what does cos mean?