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  1. Hi, I my on H1B status and work location is in dallas , which is same mentioned in LCA but i recently moved to houston with my family and i see the address on my payroll still showing my regional office address at dallas. Does it need to show as houston address ? I still travel to work location 3 days a week ? would that be anyproblem as my payroll address are showing in dallas ? and i live in houston now .
  2. I will be paid during my holiday term as i am using all my leaves and i will be going to be in training period for a month and my employer is going to find me project after my completion of training . Do i still need to have project even i am going to be in training ?
  3. Hi , I have a valid I 797 and visa stamping at canada a month back .My project is getting completted and i am planning to go to India for vacation > would it be a problem at port of entry while i come back . Any better port of entries suggested . I have flight ticket with port of entry to dallas .
  4. I am having similar situation my project is ending but my employer pays me irrespective of when i am at client location or in vacation . Do we need to show LCA at port of entry ? which means do i need to apply a new LCA from employer location for my vacation period .
  5. karthiS

    visa approved calgary, Dec 4th

    At 8 AM .. It was a guy . I think most of them were approved on that day . regular documents . I797 , lCa etc.. No grilling
  6. I was lucky for not being asked many questions ? The following 4 questions were being asked my VO where do you work ? what do you do ? client name and what does client do ? Masters ? Major ? NO pay-stubs , W2 s or taxes were asked. But its better to take as many as possible. Some are being asked a couple of minutes more compared to mine . All the best to other folks out there going for stamping
  7. Client addresses are same in LCA and I -129 . My personal address is different than my current address. Do i still have to file amendment?
  8. karthiS

    PIIMS update at calgary

    Thank you all guys.
  9. karthiS

    Question about payroll on OPT

    thanks guys . MY rate was hourly , when i was in OPT . So its variable
  10. Hi everyone , My address in I 129 is showing different , it was my previous address ( texas ) and client at which i work is in minnesota . MY LCA is showing minnesota address but the address in I -129 is showing texas address . Would that be any issue ? I have been staying in Minnesota and i have been paying minnesota taxes .
  11. karthiS

    Question about payroll on OPT

    I have same question
  12. HI everyone , My employer is desi consultancy with less than 20 employees and it happened to be i am the first one going for H1b visa stamping ? Can anyone tell me what are the documents required from my employer ? Any one has similar situation ? I am little worried as my employer doesnt have a history in H1b stampings
  13. karthiS

    PIIMS update at calgary

    HI everyone , how to do PIIMS database update , I have stamping on Dec 4th at calgary. I have contacted my employer and they havent done anything on their side for PIIMS update .
  14. HI , I am looking for accommodation from Dec 2-6 at calgary. contact me at ******************@gmail.com
  15. This might not be a informative post . anyone on dec 4th ? we might share .