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  1. neeta9

    h4 and h4 ead pending approval

    My h4 renewal is still in process and current date for processing I-539s is aug 2016 so that's another 4 months since I got my receipt on Jan 10th. But my h4 EAD is also under renewal and I filed it along with my h4 same receipt date of Jan 10th. Current processing time for h4 EAD is 3 months only. Is there a chance they could both my renewals in 3 months since they know my current h4 EAD will expire by end of April? or will they wait 6 months to process my h4 first inspite of knowing my EAD will expire. Any way I could expedite request or do premium?
  2. neeta9

    H4 EAD near expiry

    Employer asking for new EAD card and New I-9 form since current h4 EAD is expiring in 1 month. Got receipt notices for h4 extension and h4 EAD extension on Jan 10th. When am I likely to get an answer for the cases? Is automatic extension of h4 EAD allowed for 180 days? If not can I go on suspension or leave of absence with loss of pay till I get my work permit? is it better to go to home country and get an h4 visa stamping and then come back and apply for EAD again?
  3. neeta9

    B2 Visa Extension - emergency travel

    Can I withdraw her extension since it has been less than a month we applied so that she does not get the denial letter. Also next time when she comes it will not be an issue at Poe since they will not have a record of her extension? Hi Joe, thanks for your reply. Uscis provides forms for extension at a cost. After applying for extension with intention of visiting places in 1 trip and paying fees the visitor had to leave US due to an emergency. Thanks for explaining the terms when a visitor leaves US. She never applied for extension before nor every stayed longer than 6 months in the US so there is no question of desparateness. It is very unclear as to what happens in such emergency situations. Thank you.
  4. neeta9

    B2 Visa Extension - emergency travel

    thanks for reply. Now that her decision for b2 extension is still pending but she went back to India, will the extension still be processed and she might get an approval or denial? If it takes about 90 days to an answer to that can she travel back with approval letter so that it makes a stronger case for her to come back? does uscis keep track of b2 visitors when they leave the country? please help.
  5. neeta9

    B2 Visa Extension - emergency travel

    She left before the decision for b2 extension was made since it was an emergency (death in the family). It is not ok to come back before her current I-94 expires? Is the petition for extension still valid when she comes back before her current I-94 expires? What are the risks? what are the chances of getting another 6 months of she stays back in India for a month or 2 and then return?
  6. My mom Entered US on B-2 on 8/30/16. Her i-94 valid till 2/27/17. Her multiple entry visa valid till April 2019. Applied for her B-2 visa extension for another 6 months and got receipt notice on 2/1/17. But she had to leave US and went back to India on 2/15/17 since her mom passed away suddenly. 1. Is it better for her to come back before her current I-94 expires on 2/27 since her extension decision is still pending or will she have issued at POE since she might have only a day left on her I-94 when she tries to re-enter US. 2. Is it better for her to stay out of US for 2 weeks or 4 weeks and then come back to US? Will her decision of extension still be valid when she stays out of US for 1 month after her I-94 expires even though she left due to sudden death in the family? 3. She wants to get an extension for 6 months. She is in India now. Which of the above 2 options has a better chance of her coming back for 6 more months. Please advice.
  7. neeta9

    h4 and h4 ead pending approval

    I also filed my h4 EAD renewal. What happens to that when I exit and re-enter US for 2 days?
  8. Can I travel to Canada on work for 3 days and come back to USA while my H4 and H4 EAD extensions are pending with USCIS. I got the receipt notice on 1/10/17. My business trip is in Febrauary and my current h4 and h4 EAD are valid till 4/20/17. Will my pending h4 and h4 ead applicationsl become invalid once I leave US and re-enter within 3 days on work purposes? Can I travel out of US for 3 days when my h4 ead renewal in under processing? My spouse's h1b extension was applied under premium process and he received the approval in 10 working days but I had to wait for his approval before sending my paper work to USCIS. Any way I can expedite my case since we already paid a premium for his h1b extension?
  9. Going to file for h4 and h4 ead extension soon. 1. Is it possible to travel to Canada on work for a week and come back to US while h4 extension and h4 ead extension are pending? 2. Does it make sense to go for h4 visa stamping in Canada and come back to US and file for h4 ead extension?
  10. neeta9

    H1-h4-h4ead renewal

    1. What is expected processing time for h4 EAD renewal? 2. If h4 and h4 EAD renewal applications are sent in the same packet, how long will it take to get both renewals? 3. Spouse's h1 is valid till 20 April 2017. Should we file for premium or regular h1 renewal so I have sufficient time to get approvals for h4 and h4 EAD before 20 April 2017 so Can continue to work on h4 EAD. We Will be sending h1 renewal packet next week. Please advice.
  11. H1 is due for renewal and will expire in April 2017. If H4 is renewed after the approval of H1 and then will I have enough time to apply for H4 ead renewal (also expires in April 2017)? can we apply for h1, H4 and H4 ead renewal all at the same time? How long will it take? what is the best way to apply for the renewals to get H4 ead renewed before April 2017? can I work while H4 ead renewal is pending?
  12. If one is on an h4 EAD and working full time in the U.S., can that person travel to Canada Office for business meetings if required. The meetings could be for 1-5 days at the most and there could be 3-4 meetings in an year. They are head quartered in the US so the meetings could be in U.S too but I just want to know if its ok to visit Canada on EAD with a valid Canadian visitor visa (same as Business visa for Indian Citizens). There will be NO pay in Canadian Dollars for the visit. Company will make the travel arrangements to go to Canada. Please advice.
  13. I'm on h4 EAD working in the US. I need to visit Canada for a week on business trip. So I would need a visitor visa (same as business visa). I need to apply at NY Consulate of Canada and processing time says 52 days on their website. I want to know if I can go to India and apply from Hyderabad Consulate. In that case what is processing time and I can come back to US if it takes lesser than 52 days. Please advice.
  14. Did you get your visitor visa? How long did it take? Please update. If it's taking 52 days for visitor visa it makes no sense. Can we go to India and apply for Canadian visitor visa from Hyderabad Consulate in India? Do you know how long it would take from India? I live and work in the US on a h1 visa.