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  1. You can update passport and DS 160 details before the interview in profile page in cgi site.
  2. visa1113

    Visa Dates in India

    I'm planning for India trip in June and I have to go for stamping as well. I'm eligible for drop box. Does anyone know if the slots are full for May or not opened yet? I only see couple of slots available on April 29 and 30. Please provide any info available. Thanks in Advance!
  3. Hi, I'm planning to go to India for wedding in Nov and go for H4 stamping directly in India. Did anyone go for H4 stamping in India recently after the biometrics was introduced? If so can you please let me know the process and required documents? Is there something we need to do before the interview for biometrics if planning to go directly for the interview? What are the questions to expect? What is the current processing times for H4 EAD? Thanks in Advance.
  4. visa1113

    Bahamas visa for cruise

    Hi, I'm planning to do a 3 day cruise to Bahamas. I have valid H1B stamping till 2020. Do I need a visitor Visa for Bahamas, if I travel on Cruise from Miami? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  5. Does any one know what are the earliest dates available for H1 stamping in mexico?
  6. Hi Venkat, Could you pls inbox the details too. If you could can you please send me the details of mexico visitor visa too. Appreciate all your help.
  7. visa1113

    H1 B stamping in Jamaica

    Hi, Can anyone please let me know what is the latest available date for H1 visa stamping in Jamaica. Can we still go to Jamiaca for H1B visa extensions? Pls share any experiences. Thanks in Advance
  8. Can anyone please let me know what are the latest available dates for H1B stamping in Hyderabad or Chennai. Are there slots available in October?
  9. visa1113

    Bahamas with valid H1 and expired stamping

    Thank you for the input.
  10. I recently got my H1 extension till 2020. My current H1visa stamping expired in July'17. Can I travel to Bahamas on Cruise for 3 days in Aug with no stamping? Please suggest.
  11. If anyone is cancelling dates for h1 in november in calgary or vancouver could you please let me know. I had to go to India in December and have to go stamping before that.
  12. visa1113

    Non-competancy Issue

    when the employer is not ready to increase the pay and you FT offer by client what is one supposed to do.I'm sure many consultants do not have idea of this non-competence when they initially take the job. That was my situation too i had no idea wat i was signing when i took the job. It's already been 3 years i have been working with that employer
  13. visa1113

    Non-competancy Issue

    I was recently hired by the client which I have been working for 3 years. But my employer is making an issue saying as per non-competancy i'm not supposed to accept the position with the same client. In this scenario which is the better option? 1) Going on a peace deal with employer paying certain amount 2)fight against the employer legally in case he sends a lawyer notice. In case if I'm thinking of answering his notice through a lawyer, what are the chances of winning the case. Are there any problems in future in case of legal proceedings?? Please suggest..
  14. visa1113

    Is stamping needed again If we change employer

    Thank you everyone for the replies. That was helpful.
  15. visa1113

    Is stamping needed again If we change employer

    Ammendment for LCA... Coz the location is different from the current one but client is same.