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  1. Tjgarla

    H1-B visa stamped - Passport expiring

    you might not be so lucky next time. Get the passport renewed and carry it with the visa passport from next time. I renewed my passport 2 years in advance just for this reason.
  2. Well i dont know about that. But i have seen people with 221Gs there on EVC model.
  3. Tjgarla

    H1B VISA STAMPING@Neuvo Laredo JAN30

    FTE is fine. One officer is easy , old lady is tougher.
  4. Visa experience Nuevo Laredo consulate Mexico . November 29 biometrics- December 2nd visa interview1. Started drive from Dallas . Took 7 hours . 8 hours with breaks.2. parked the car in outlet mall in the USA side . They have overnight parking.3. 7 minutes walk to the bridge to cross into Nuevo Laredo Mexico .4. Need to pay 4 quarters to cross into Mexico side .5. There is no Mexican immigration anywhere . No one checks anything.6. We took a cab near the border . Uber doesn’t work here.7. $5 to reach best western . Our hotel .8. Next day morning the biometrics is at 10.30. Takes 2 minutes walk .9. Visa interview next day at 7.45 . Left hotel by 7.15 using a taxi.10. Had to wait outside the consulate for 20 minutes. So I recommend you’ll to reach the consulate just 10 minutes before the appointment.11. You have a total of 3 checks for passport and ds160.12. One outside, two times inside .Actual interview h1/h4(1st interview of the day for the officer ) 50s Year old lady .1. Are you working for the same company?2. How long are you on h1b?3. How long with this company?4. So you came on j1 2003 and then f1 in 2005 and then h1 in 2007 since ? Me shocked that they were checking everything.5. Where did you do your masters.6. What’s your major in ?7. Do you have your 140 approved?Gimme the copy.8. What do you do for your company.9. Is this your son , is he a US citizen?Questions asked for h41. when were you married ?2. Show me your marriage certificate. I had a copy and gave it .3. What do you do ?It was a 10 minutes interview . She said visas are approved. Come by 3 pm to collect them . You can come by yourself, no need for wife to come .The Visa officer kept our passports and i797 with her .We were out of the consulate by 8.15 .December 2ndStrangely my wife got her passport stamped and mine was delayed due to printing issues . So I received my passport on December 3rd.I recommend everyone to pay the $6 , i94 fee online and then head to the border . This will reduce your wait time a lot .
  5. Tjgarla

    Visa Stamping Interview Clarification

    You can say it is the companies administrative mixup
  6. Tjgarla

    H1B Stamping

    They will not ask anything about the Salary wages.
  7. Tjgarla

    H1B VISA STAMPING@Neuvo Laredo JAN30

    Nuevo Laredo is a pretty Risky consulate with respect to Safety as well as 221G Risk. Don't go here unless you are a full time employee.
  8. Tjgarla

    H4 Visa Approved but status shows refused

    is the status updated now?
  9. Tjgarla

    H1b stamping for disabled dependent

    That's correct if she is younger than 14 she doesn't need to go for the interview.
  10. Tjgarla

    Got 221g for H1b stamping client lost

    you need to withdraw your visa application first. Then ask your employer to file for an amendment, and after the approval , then apply for a new visa.
  11. there is no clear answer for this. You are eligible to go to any consulate in India. But i am not sure if you are eligible to go to Canada . You need to consult an attorney for more clarity
  12. Tjgarla

    Visa Stamping Interview Clarification

    you need to consult an attorney.
  13. Hello Prash I am a full time employee. Candidates with EVC models have to be prepared with a Client letter for sure. This consulate is also a high risk place since there were a lot of 221Gs recently. There are security concerns in Nuevo Laredo Recently.
  14. Tjgarla

    Ciudad Juarez Interview experience

    Juarez is kind of a high risk 221G consulate. They randomly give out 221gs.
  15. Tjgarla

    221g admin processing - stuck in india

    if you have been flagged so frequently at the POE and customs, why did you choose to go to India for stamping. Just curious. YOu should have tried going to mexico. it would have been easier and faster.
  16. 1) you can go 3 months prior (there is no set rule on how early you can go) 2) take both of them, but only put the details about the extended one in all the forms. 3) only use the latest on till 2023. 4) you will get the issue date the date you go and the end date 2023. 5) yes you can, they will only give you the i94 for 3 years. december 2022. but visa you will get till 2023 march
  17. when are you travelling? Did you book the visa appointment date already? Let us know how it went.
  18. Tjgarla

    H1B Stamping in Costa Rica

    I suggest you to finish the stamping in Mexico and then travel to Costa Rica.
  19. Tjgarla

    221g (white) - Matamoros, Mexico - any choice

    Is your 221G cleared?
  20. They get the passport back in a day or 2
  21. yes you can go to Mexico. Just carry all the old i797 approval copies . There is a good chance they will ask for all the 11 years of documents. You can try Laredo, CD Juarez
  22. Hello Guys Did anyone go for a Visa Stamping in Ciudad Juarez recently.? All the post i see in 4 years old . Just wanted to see how this consulate it since the rest of the border consulate don't even have dates available.