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  1. Tjgarla

    H1-B Visa Stamping in Europe

    Go to Matamoros and get the visa stamping there.
  2. Tjgarla

    H1b consulate processing in mexico

    Firstly when you received a consulate processed H1b why didnt you go out of the country immediately and get the stamping done? What status are you in from OCT 2018 till June 2019?. In my opinion you will need to go to the home country the consulate processing is shown , no need to go to the same consulate, but can go to any consulate in that specific country.
  3. Tjgarla

    Having US stamped Visa. Candana to US entry?

    Yes you can travel with your Old Visa and new i797. In the port of entry you need to tell the officer that you have an new approval with a new expiry date and get that updated. The POE officers near canada-usa border and always in a hurry. So you need to talk to him and tell him this.
  4. Hello I wanted to check and see is it possible to file an H1b Extension without change 7 months before the expiry , instead of 6 months.
  5. Legally you can work at the same MSA for any client till 2022. YOu can amend your H1B now if you are going for stamping. IT is not tricky. But you cant go for a stamping with the existing documents since you are not working there.
  6. try flying to mexico for stamping. You will need a mexico visa
  7. Tjgarla

    H1B Stamping - PhD CPT

    You need to continue with your current PHD program till October 1st.
  8. you don't need a new visa stamp. YOu can travel with the old stamping and new H1b. Show the new i797 approval on the POE when you return. This travel has to be done before jan 2020
  9. Tjgarla

    H1 b Stamping in Canada

    canada visitors visa is easy to get. It is a mailin service and will take 2-3 weeks total
  10. Tjgarla

    H1B stamping in Mexico

    First time F1 to H1b is not done in Mexico. You can only got to India or Canada
  11. Tjgarla

    I94 Extension Texas

    fly to mexico city and come back the same day.
  12. Tjgarla

    Kids I-94 expired 210 days ago

    this is a NPT case. You can either apply for an i94 extension. Or leave the country and come back .
  13. Tjgarla

    Cruise closed loop travel query

    Yes you can travel with the approved petition and expired visa. It is called AVR https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/1218/~/automatic-revalidation-for-certain-temporary-visitors
  14. Firstly your attorney should have used an SOC doe which is not Technical. Your Job title is clearly mentions as a Business Analyst. You have an MBA. Your case would have been easily conceivable if you projected your self as a Management Analyst rather than trying to prove you are a technical person. I also wanted to check if your employer filed your case in Nebraska service center? If you are working at the same client location , you should have applied it in Nebraska.