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  1. After the stamping with Company A, you cant come back and join in company B since that H1B will be invalid once you leave the country and come back with a different stamping.
  2. Tjgarla

    Visa stamping in Mexico from H4 to H1

    No you can't go to mexico since you have changed your status.
  3. Tjgarla

    Name issue in H1B approved Notice

    I don't really know this. But the attorney communicates with me regarding the requests . The attorney will receive an email update when the status changes online. The attorney has a portal kind of a thing to communicate for Service requests. It is different for each case .
  4. Tjgarla

    Mention LCA violation on DS-160?

    Just dont mention it.
  5. Tjgarla

    H1b stamping while expiring in 3 months

    You can enter before the expiry of your H1b stamping. You should just expect you will get the stamping done without any 221G. You can apply for an extension once you are back
  6. Tjgarla

    H1B -H4 visa stamp-HYD

    yes you both can take a single slot.
  7. Tjgarla


    you can't go for stamping. If you still work for your old project where you got the approval, then yes you can go. You need the client letter, lca and all to be shown to the officer about your current project and it is still pending. so you cant go.
  8. Tjgarla

    Name issue in H1B approved Notice

    Like 1-2 months.
  9. Tjgarla

    Name issue in H1B approved Notice

    if it is premium process , 2 weeks
  10. The POE officer asks for it , but if you dont have it just show the copy.
  11. Yes you can travel with your old visa stamping and new petition.
  12. Tjgarla

    H1b stamping while expiring in 3 months

    you need to also think about risk of an RFE.
  13. Tjgarla

    Travelling via Frankfurt with expired H1B

    you will need to check with the airlines regarding this.
  14. If you are issued a 221G issue. You will fall into trouble , assuming if it takes longer than the expiry period of your H1B