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  1. Tjgarla

    First H1B stamping in Singapore

    Don't even think of going to DUBAI. They don't process H1Bs much and give you a 221G. It takes several months to get the Visa. I have known people flying to Mexico and getting an emergency visa appointment in US consulate in Mexico and flying into USA.
  2. Tjgarla

    Different scenario with family seperation

    Yes family separation is a valid reason for Interview. But it will depend on the officer to grant the appointment. Good luck
  3. Tjgarla

    VISA stamping asap

    if you are eligible for a Drop box. Try that route.
  4. No you did not stay illegally. You are fine
  5. looks like it was a fake news. Nothing is happening with the application. It is suggested by every attorney to file as new.
  6. there are private 3rd party wage determination agencies that you can get a new certified LCA. not the one DOL released. Talk to your attorney. They should be able to help you
  7. it will not be applicable for you. hopefully your LCA will be approved.
  8. They are not denying the petitions. They are just sending them back. This is a mailroom mistake. I am sure this will be fixed soon and we do just NEW applications rather than amending them.
  9. Tjgarla

    Passport renewal and H1b visa stamping

    Fill your passport details on DS160 only after you get your new passport.
  10. Tjgarla

    H4 Travel with Valid Stamp Visa

    Yes you are free to travel to mexico. According to the Executive order the land borders are closed for non-essential workers . But air travel can be done. But you need to check with Mexican government if they have a quarantine period for travelers. In my opinion they dont have that implemented yet.
  11. We have upgraded our consultant's H1B to PP when we answered the RFE on April 10th. It has crossed 100 days. and we kept emailing the TEXAS PP service center every week for an update and we get the same reply stating it is on active processing and have no update.
  12. Tjgarla

    Boarding Denial

    This is strange. The CBP doesn't email Airlines.
  13. Tjgarla

    L1 to H1b - Visa Stamping in India Manditory?

    The land borders are closed till end of June.