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  1. when are you travelling? Did you book the visa appointment date already? Let us know how it went.
  2. Tjgarla

    H1B Stamping in Costa Rica

    I suggest you to finish the stamping in Mexico and then travel to Costa Rica.
  3. any update after this?
  4. Tjgarla

    221g (white) - Matamoros, Mexico - any choice

    Is your 221G cleared?
  5. They get the passport back in a day or 2
  6. yes you can go to Mexico. Just carry all the old i797 approval copies . There is a good chance they will ask for all the 11 years of documents. You can try Laredo, CD Juarez
  7. Tjgarla

    First time H1B visa interview in Mexico

    yes you can go
  8. Hello Guys Did anyone go for a Visa Stamping in Ciudad Juarez recently.? All the post i see in 4 years old . Just wanted to see how this consulate it since the rest of the border consulate don't even have dates available.
  9. Tjgarla

    Eligible for Dropbox in another country?

    go to mexico visa interview. It is easier than going to India
  10. Tjgarla

    Decrease in Salary on H1B Visa.

    salary has nothing to do with the h1bs. same soc code will have different salaries for different locations.
  11. Tjgarla

    Client Letter for H1 Stamping

    i agree. If you cant get the new dated one, just carry the april letter
  12. Indian passports can be renewed when ever you want. Just mention the reason as change in appearance. You can renew it now. I have renewed mine 2 years before the expiry .
  13. So it's been a month and you are still in India?
  14. Very well explained. How early can you get a visa date at this consulate location?