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  1. Tjgarla

    H4 Travel with Valid Stamp Visa

    Yes you are free to travel to mexico. According to the Executive order the land borders are closed for non-essential workers . But air travel can be done. But you need to check with Mexican government if they have a quarantine period for travelers. In my opinion they dont have that implemented yet.
  2. We have upgraded our consultant's H1B to PP when we answered the RFE on April 10th. It has crossed 100 days. and we kept emailing the TEXAS PP service center every week for an update and we get the same reply stating it is on active processing and have no update.
  3. Tjgarla

    Boarding Denial

    This is strange. The CBP doesn't email Airlines.
  4. Tjgarla

    L1 to H1b - Visa Stamping in India Manditory?

    The land borders are closed till end of June.
  5. Tjgarla

    H1B Extension 240 Days Extension

    if it is an H1B extension without change, then you cant work. but if there is an amendment plus extension then you can work .
  6. One of my employees is also in the same boat. RFE received by uscis on April 10th in PP. Still no result. this is in Texas service center.
  7. Tjgarla

    H1-B Extension and EO : Overnight Vs 2-3 Delivery

    EO is only for new H1B's but not the current exciting ones. and that EO is also not confirmed .
  8. Tjgarla

    H1b Denied today! What are my options?

    consult an attorney.
  9. You need to consult an immigration attorney
  10. my friend is also in the same boat. It has been 35 days.
  11. Tjgarla

    H1B extension to file for work from home

    One LCA can show 2 work locations from different states.
  12. NPT is always with respect to discretion of the officer. You can try
  13. Tjgarla

    H1B visa extension with consulate processing without I-94

    The only thing you can really do is try going to Mexico to get the stamping done instead of India. I saw some people doing that.
  14. Tjgarla

    Requesting help on I-94 expiration

    You dont need to lin/ update the new passport with your H1B. You are good. When you apply for the H1B or when you travel and show your new passport they will automatically link it.