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  1. Tjgarla

    Intended period of stay and passport validity

    your visa will be valid till 2021 but you will receive a shorted i94 at the port of entry. Once you renew your passport and travel again. your i94 will be extended till your visa date . but you need to travel outside usa with the new passport.
  2. yes. Go around may - june.
  3. should not be a problem with different job titles. i140 is always a future job
  4. I have seen a post that showed a Former Framington student getting deported after the H1B stamping once he landed in USA.
  5. Never knew mexico accepts h4 to h1b stamping
  6. Mexico Visa is the best option.
  7. Tjgarla

    H1B Stamping - LCA Rejected

    Are you referring to Green card Labor? I have never seen anyone getting an LCA getting rejected after the H1B approval.
  8. Tjgarla


    This is really odd. I have never seen anyone getting an annotation this way. I dont think she can travel before March 25th 2019 since it i clearly mentioned on the visa. It normally has to be issue date and expiry date without any annotation regarding the start date.
  9. Tjgarla

    H1B stamping LCA question

    Though your wife can legally work since it is under the same MSA, but for stamping your wife need's an amendment. She cannot go for stamping using the current approval.
  10. Legally you are ok . The amount shown on the LCA should match the amount on your W2.
  11. YOu need to file for an amendment and only then go for an interview. You are legally ok to work but not eligible for Visa stamping.
  12. Tjgarla

    Health Insurance not added in W2

    Request the paychecks company to send you a detailed work report on your case. Your employer can get it. It will explain exactly how much you earned and the medical insurance deductions on it. clearly. You can see the GROSS earnings and net earnings. Keep that for your record . You can use that document for H1B extension filings.
  13. You need to get the LCA amount from the H1B effective date. I you have 2 months of leaves then that is ok. If you were on OPT then it is ok. But once your H1B is effective you should get 60K ,
  14. Tjgarla

    H1b Stamping

    The Visa officer doesn't really care about your designation. If you have all the required letter, contracts your salary matches the LCA salary you are good.