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  1. bdvkishore

    Successful Stamping on Jan 9th @ Calgary

    Hi....I didnot do masters in USA but I went to calgary in dec 2013 for visa stamping. Any one can go to canada. Cheers, Kishore
  2. bdvkishore

    DS 160 Questions

    1. YES 2. Annual salary
  3. bdvkishore

    Calgary Stamping Experience Dec 20th

    Csk....congrates. ..its nice meeting you ppersonally in calgary. Good news n you rock as always
  4. bdvkishore

    Visa Approved on Calgary Dec 18th

    Thanks csk....arent you over excited?....lol...anyways did u get ur visa?
  5. Hi guys... three of us went to visa interview today...all went well...we didnot open our files.. Basic questions.. Old employer? When did u join current employer? Paying good? On time? Highest degree? Roles n responsibilities? Green card processing? ...I told yes I-140 approved Thanks all n all the replies from our good old friends helped us...god bless you
  6. bdvkishore

    got appointment in calgary on dec 18th

    Hi Santosh, Just dropped you an email.
  7. bdvkishore

    calgary on 17th dec

    I have appoinment on 18th. anyone have acomodation?
  8. bdvkishore

    looking for accomdation in calgary

    i am....I cannot find ur email ID?
  9. bdvkishore

    Accommodation @ Calgary....Interview on Dec 16.

    I have appointment on dec 18th. if you have accommodation, please let me know
  10. bdvkishore

    got appointment in calgary on dec 18th

    HI...I dont know anyone who are going to visa at that time.
  11. bdvkishore

    H1-B stamping on 16 th Dec @Calgary

    Mine is on 18th as well...I cannot find your email addresses in your profiles.....can u see mine?
  12. I canot find your email or contact info....can you find mine?
  13. bdvkishore

    Dec 17 th Calgary stamping

    Mee too on 17th ...right now...im travelling...will contact you or u can
  14. I have on dec 18th...I didnot book hotel yet
  15. bdvkishore

    H1 stamping in calgary

    Hi all, I have a H1B visa stamping in calgary, canada on dec 18th. I will be there on 17th dec to 23 dec and willing to share accomodation. If any one interested, respond to this thread. Thanks