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  1. Unlucky12


    @4real Me too Dec 4th Passport retained still waiting
  2. Unlucky12

    H4 stamp-Visa Approved-But 221g blue slip(Chennai)

    @h4wifelife Did VO mentioned about technical delay in the interview?
  3. same here 11/20: Dropped off passport for h1 ext 11/21: Application received 11/24: Adm Processing 11/30: Got 221g to appear for PI 12/04: Completed PI and VO told visa approved Still waiting for the passport.
  4. Unlucky12

    Prudential Visa Revocation - DUI on H1b

    @Vsach10: Did you travel to India ? Were you able to sort out the things ?
  5. Unlucky12

    DUI on going - H1B stamping

    Please update your profile with email id.
  6. @Andy.Pondy Could you please elaborate the consequences of arrest with respect to GC filing. Thanks
  7. Unlucky12

    DUI on going - H1B stamping

    Visa Issued after 5 weeks
  8. 1) Yes 2) Nope 3) You'll be referred to physician panel 4) Yes 5) 6 weeks required 6) Yes 7) Court disposition doc if you get the final sentence else jus permission letter 8) Nope
  9. Unlucky12

    Medical Exam-DUI record

    No you can't Physcian panel has to be done outside US.
  10. Unlucky12

    DUI on going - H1B stamping

    Thanks LostInBtw Hi All, Any other inputs ???
  11. @cprakash1995 Is it chennai consulate ?
  12. Unlucky12

    Help!!!!H1B Stamping with DUI case pending

    @test10162014 Please update your case ..!!
  13. Unlucky12

    DUI on going - H1B stamping

    anybody pls clarify
  14. Unlucky12

    DUI on going - H1B stamping

    hi all, i got arrested for dui last october and my 1st court date is in feb 2015. i scheduled visa appointment in jan 2015 @ chennai embassy. since my case is not yet resolved, is there any chance for visa denial because its on going. thanks.