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  1. s11111

    OCI card new

    Hello, I’m applying OCI card for my baby and I have couple of questions regarding the new process as of now(Oct 2020) 1. How can I buy shipping labels at ckgs ? (while registering in ckgs site there is no option to select to buy shipping labels at ckgs. The only option available is ‘Use my own airway bill’). Can’t we buy shipping labels with ckgs with the new process ?) 2. Do I need to notarize govt application form last page ? 3. Do we need to submit Affidavit in Lieu of Originals document ? (I don’t see this document in myaccount(ckgs) 4. Incase if it’s mandatory to use our own airway bill shipping to send documents with the new process, which provider I have to choose UPS / USPS / FedEx ? Below shipping notes from ckgs site Note on Prepaid/Own Shipping Label • FedEx Prepaid Envelopes sent by you are NOT accepted. • USPS Pre-paid labels have an expiry date and hence they are NOT accepted by CKGS. • For Prepaid envelopes, CKGS will not be responsible to contact you, and if you ignore this point for any delay occurring will be your liability.
  2. Hello, what documents are required and how can I apply ITIN for my wife who is on H4 visa ? Thanks for your inputs...
  3. Hi, Do we need a transit visa when we take layover from cdg (paris, france) ?
  4. Hello, My friend has visited India to attend his family function and keep working from India. Now he is planning to come back to the US after 04 months. Will he face any issues at the port of entry?
  5. Hi, As per the instructions provided for ds160 (below). if we save the DS 160 on "x" day then it would be there for "x" + 30 days from the "x" day. Your application has been saved to the database. For the next 30 days, you will be able to retrieve your application from the database by providing the Application ID and answering security questions. I haven't seen any clause/rule we need to submit the DS160 in 30 days. If you guys have the info please share... thank you...
  6. Hi, Anyone applied passport renewal at Washington DC through CKGS ? What is the Processing time at Washington DC through CKGS ? my application was reached to embassy two weeks back and status shows 'under process at embassy'. It's a regular process to take long time to make a decision or something i need to worry ? Please post your experience. Thank you in advance!
  7. s11111

    NOIR on approved H1B

    Hi eldhosek, Can you please share your contact details/mail id...
  8. USCIS officer visit my work place and I missed him too. My employer later got an E-Mail to answer some questions from USCIS about me. most of the questions related to project details/start date and role and responsibility's... Hopefully, i may also receive email from USCIS... I am working for same client in same city/state... most of the time doing job from home. When i have all proper documents related to H1B... Is something i need to worry? Please provide your inputs... Thank you in advance...
  9. Hi, I am on h1b and working for x client but moved to different zip code area which is near to my x client office so do i need to apply h1b amendment if i change my home address? Thank you in advance!!!
  10. Hello, I am going to complete 3yrs on my first H1B and in a plan to apply for extension but just want to know while h1b officer works on my extension application do that officer knows about my GC RFE's? Thank you!
  11. s11111

    H1-B Stamping with a degree from Stratford

    Hi venkatakris2000, can you please share your email/contact# to me
  12. s11111

    US Masters degree for GC(EB2)

    I have a US masters degree and university holds ACICS accreditation.. Can I use master degree and apply GC in eb2
  13. s11111

    H1 RFE due to University Accreditation

    Hi swetha/swapna/raki, can you please provide you emaild
  14. s11111

    Query on accredition of univ

    Hi bright1, Can I have your email/contact#?
  15. s11111

    Change Of Status from H1-F1 pending issue

    Hi Torrent, Can I have you email id/contact# please