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  1. This is the first time me and my wife will be using Dropbox for visa stamping. Just wanted to know the procedure. Do we carry our documents individually or all of them together in one folder? Do we need to carry originals and 1 copy? Do we need to carry scanned copies in a flash drive? Can we submit any/all supporting documents or just the ones specified in the confirmation email? Thank you.
  2. Me and my spouse are planning to travel to visit Mexicofor a week in Jan/Feb 2019. We both have Indian passports. I currently hold valid H1B (I797) until Nov 2020. My spouse has a valid H4 (I539) with EAD until Nov 2020. However, our stamping (H1B and H4) on passport expired in Sept 2019. I read from various forums that one can re-enter US with expired H1B stamping as long as we have valid I797 using Automatic re-validation rule. But is this rule valid even for spouses of H1B who are on H4 (stamping expired) and have valid I539? I would like to know if anyone tried this process recently from either Mexico and is there any risk associated? Also, is automatic re-validation applied even when flying back into USA or is it applied only at road border crossing? Since we currently do not have valid visa stamp on our passports, do we need to obtain Mexican Visa? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I am an Indian currently working on H4 with EAD. I got my H4 stamping done in India. I am a full-time employee with a non-IT reputed firm. I am currently having H4 to H1 COS. I was planning to get my H1 stamping done in Canada so I don't have to travel to India. However, my attorney advised going to India since this is my first H1B stamping (although I have H4 stamping done in India). Technically, am I allowed to go to Canada/ for first H1B stamping? Any real risks of going to Canada vs going to India? Thanks.
  4. I am currently on H4 EAD. I have been working as consultant for company A (non-IT firm) since last year. This employment is directly through Company A. Considering uncertainty of H4 EAD, I approached staffing agency (Agency B) in Feb 2019 to file for H1. My hope was to get H1 through Agency B and work for Company A via the staffing Agency B. Even before I knew the outcome of H1 lottery, Company A offered full-time job which I accepted. After couple of weeks of accepting full time offer, my H1B through Agency B got picked in the lottery and is currently under process. If H1B with Agency B is approved, I am unsure of its impact on my employment with Company A. My goal has always been (and is still is) to work for Company A. 1. Will H1 approval invalidate my current H4 EAD? If yes, when? Oct 1 or as soon as H1B approval? 2. If H1 is approved (before Oct 1), can I transfer it from Agency B to Company A immediately? If not, when can I transfer it? 3. Will my H1B approval force me to take a break from my full-time employment with Company A during/before/while H1 transfer? 4. What is the best way to transfer H1 from Agency B to Company A without causing any employment break? Thank you.
  5. Hello all, My company is applying for my H1B this year. Assuming that the rules and process remains unchanged for this year, would it be safe to travel outside of the country during the time between we send it the application but before the lottery process (April 1 or 2)? Is that any different than travelling internationally with H1B petition is under process/pending? We have an international trip coming up in end of March. Flying back into the country on April 1st/2nd would save us good amount of money compared to flying back on March 31st. What would you recommend? Thanks.
  6. I entered USA in mid 2017 (on H1B). The I-94 I received at that time had an admit until date of 08/28/2018. However, I applied for a H1B transfer in late 2017 and got an approved I-797 with a new I-94. The new I-94 I-94 says "VALID FROM 11/20/2017 UNTIL 11/29/2020". Also, I recently applied for a new passport since my old passport (with a valid H1B stamp) was going to expire. So when does my I-94 expire? When I look up online on the DHS website, it still shows the old I-94 with admit until date of 08/28/2018. Thanks.
  7. Hey Mithun, Did you answer Yes or No to the question "are you coming to Canada from outside to get US visa'. Thanks
  8. I am trying to get an appointment for H1B and H4 at US consulate in Vancouver, Canada for sometime in early June. We both live in Seattle. There are many dates available if answer 'no' to the question "are you coming to Canada from outside to get US visa'. But if I answer it as "Yes", then there are no appointments until August. We have Canada Visitor visa. Can we say Yes to that question to get an appointment in June? or should we answer it as "No" and wait? Thanks.
  9. We ended up going to India for stamping. Everything went well. Got the stamping done without any issues.
  10. I recently applied for H4-EAD and it is currently under process. I have a valid H-4 visa stamp valid for next 2 years. My spouse is currently is on H1B and has an approved I-140. We were planning for a short 5 day trip outside of USA. Will travelling outside of USA cause any delays/issues with respect to EAD processing (considering that I will have a new I-94 when I reenter)? Thank you.
  11. Hello all, First of all, thank you for taking time to read my post and for willing to chime in. I am currently on H1B visa with approved I-140. I recently received approval for H1B extension for which I was planning to go to Canada/Mexico for stamping. My 1st H1B stamping was done in India, then my previous H1B extension stamping was done in Mexico couple of years ago. This will be my third time going for H1B (extension) stamping. I am getting married in a couple of weeks here in USA. My fiancee is currently on F1 visa. Her F1 visa stamping in passport is expired but her i-20 is currently valid (as she extended her i-20). After marriage, she is planning to change her status for H4 and also apply for EAD. Considering the long processing times for H4 and EAD approval, she was planning to go to Canada or Mexico to get H4 visa stamped on her passport. We prefer having H4 visa stamping done rather than apply for change of status (due to some other travel plans for later this year). We were planning to do my H1B extension stamping and her fresh h4 visa stamp together. Is it advisable to go for H4 visa stamping in Canada or Mexico instead of home country (India). We read on the internet that first time stamping is better to be done in home country and as she is applying for H4 for the first time. We are not sure if is risky to go to Canada or Mexico in our situation. Thank you and Please Advise. Uday
  12. Hello All, I have a question regarding the validity of H1B. I changed jobs in November of 2013 and my H1B transfer was approved without any issues. The I-797A stated the H1B validity dates - from 01/09/2014 to 10/06/2016. The Form I-94 that came with I-797A also has the same dates for my H1B validity. The only issue is that, it adds up to more than 6 years of H1B. My H1B started in November of 2008. The only time I was not on H1B was when I got laid off in 2011 and I changed my status to B1 for about 4 months. So do I have a valid H1B until 2016? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I am in the same boat. My LCA is pending. My attorney still sent in the H1B application without LCA approval. I also am eager to know what happened in your case? Did USCIS accept or reject your application?