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  1. dil03

    H1B Stamping in London

    Hey, Did you or anyone else go for stamping in London recently? thanks, Dilip.
  2. So, if the old I 140 is still valid I can get a 3yr extension. Is this right?
  3. I have my I 140 approved from Employer A, I have changed employer in Mar 2014 and got H1 till 2017. My new PERM is not yet filed and may take 4 more months to file. Can I change employer again and still get a 3yr extension based on the original I 140 application? Your inputs are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have a quick question, I had my visa interview Oct 18th, 10am. Everything went great and I was granted the visa. 1. Went to the counter to get my passport and DS 160 confirmation page in a blue folder and she stamped a seal on the confirmation page. 2. Went to the counter and have given the latest I 797 and got the token number. 3. Finger prints were collected and she uploaded my white background picture to the record. 4. A Chinese (Non-Indian Asian) lady was the VO and asked few questions related to, my company, what do they do, what is my role and responsibilities, how long was I employed by the company and then she verified some information on the computer and said that the VISA is APPROVED and i will get an email in 3-5 business days. She gave me a white paper which has the details of collection of my passport. I was happy and relieved that I just walked out of the consulate. I realized after getting into the cab that my I 797 was also with the consulate officer along with my passport. My question is, will I get my I 797 back along with my passport or do I have to go back to the consulate to get this document? Is it normal to retain the I 797 after the interview or was it my mistake? Thanks in advance for your help and time. Dilip.