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  1. Hello all , Q1: Can H4-EAD authorize legally to work two fill time jobs at same time on w2? or w2/1099 ? Q2: Any other way to expediate H4-EAD Renewal to USCIS for Biometric and approval?
  2. RAGK

    Preparing for a Current Priority Date

    I have PD under EB2 is Sept , 2013 and i-140 is approved back in May 2015. I am with same employer since Jan 2013..... Please let me know Pros and Cons , if I plan to port from EB2 to EB3... Q1 : Can both file run in parallel> Q2: If I port from EB2 to EB3 now , am I eligible to apply for EAD/ I485? When I should get the EAD and GC? Q3: Once EB2 move forward ( just in case) in next few months , can I go back to EB2?
  3. Arrival Date at Monterrey: 12/17 at 1.00 AM @ Monterrey (MTY) International Airport. I’ve booked Hotel (4.5 star) with really good price and without taking any available expensive services in the market. Hotel team has arranged my pick up request from MTY to Hotel for 450 MXN$ (1USD = 18.80 MXN$(peso) on an average) and provided all accurate pick up detail (Driver Name / Car Color /Make /Model/ Number Tag, etc.) FYI: CAB driver was waiting for me with given name tag and Hotel name. Note: If you have valid any type of US, Canada, Japan, or any other countries visa, you don't need to get Mexico visa unless you willing to do so. At the airport they will give you a doc, which you need to return it by the time you go back to the airport. 12/17/2019 (Tuesday): Checked in at Hotel at 1.45 AM and had an enough sleep as I had ASC appointment at 12.00 PM. Hotel team provided FREE shuttle to reach at ASC and I went early at 11.00 AM and done everything in 15 minutes. I called hotel team and FREE shuttle came back to pick me up in 20 minutes. Walking distance from Hotel to below & and very safe to walk any time...… Food options :: TOKS Restaurant , Los Cabos , Pizza Hut , 1 or 2 Indian Restaurant ( I did not try though) , Wendy's, ****'s Jr and other well-known food franchisees available on an average prices and pretty much they accept major Credit Cards. Bank Options: HSBC, Scotia Bank and other local bank to get the currency with good rate. I got MXN$(peso) from Scotia Bank with really good rate. Other Local Time Pass activities: Mall, Casino and many local tourist place to visit (if you have time) CAB Service: Any time / anywhere... you will get it and its risk free. 12/18/2019 (Wednesday): Interview Day · Total 44 windows were there and almost 18-20 were opened. I had an interview time slot at 9.30 AM and took FREE shuttle to reach at U.S.Consulate. I went there at 8.30 AM and there were almost 300 to 400 Mexican people who were in queue on front of me BUT I figured soon that they will be separated in different queue in few minutes, I noticed around 3 H1B , 1 H4 , 10-11 TN and few other type of visa seekers were with me. H1B- All applicants got approval. H4: Got approval TN: 50/50 approval and other type of visa: Don't know... Document checked and other formalities were done at window # 3 to 5 and # 7 to 9 respectively and I was in line with others and VO told me to come at window # 21. @ Window # 21- A White (American guy) and window # 22 (A White (American) lady) VO: Hi Me: Good morning VO: Scanned (H1B/H4) DS-160, checked in their system and said, I am seeing you guys have few Green Card petitions under pending process... Me: Yes we do! (GC file under EB2 / F3 / F4 Visa Class) VO: How long you been in US? Me: Since XXXX VO: Who is your end client? Me: XXXX (I gave him end client letter) VO: Are you full-time with them? Me: No, XXXX company is my Employer and XXXX Company is my Vendor (I gave him Vendor letter) VO: Help me understand your EVC model then? Me: Explained (simple /short / sober...Ans) VO: When were you at end client place last time? Me: Monday (12/16) I did Work from Home and last Friday (12/13) I was at client place VO: Any issues with your employer? Me: No VO: Any salary issue? Getting on time? Me: Never ever and Yes! VO: When are you returning to US? Any plan? Me: Today evening! VO: Not Possible at all H4: One humble request VO, VO: Please go ahead! H4: Explain and provided him valid & genuine reason with document proof. VO: Wait a minute, I will be back! Note: He asked someone inside and came back with an update in 2 minutes. VO: I can try to expedite BUT no guaranty at all. However, come back at 2.00 PM here and check just in case if yours passports are ready, IF not then come back on 12/19 (Thursday) at 2.00 PM to pick up. BUT again, there is no any guaranty and going forward plan for 4 to 6 days for your travel. He did type the information as much as he can in the system and gave me the Orange slip with approved info and passport pick up date mentioned at same day 12/18. We: Thanks VO, appreciated your help to expedite our request, have a great day!! VO: Bit movement of his head. · I called to Hotel and shuttle was arrived in 25 minutes and reached at Hotel at 11.00 AM. Checked out hotel at 12.00 PM as I’ve booked just for 2 nights and waited in Hotel lobby till 1.30 PM and Hotel Shuttle came at sharp time and dropped me off at US Consulate at 1.50 PM and I was out with STAMPED Passports at 2.25 PM. · Took a CAB (Hotel Team pre-arranged for me as I discussed with them) at 2.30 PM from US Consulate to MTY Airport and reached at 4.00 PM ( paid MXN$430 cash to CAB driver; reached bit late due to traffic or else it will take around 50 minutes). · I’ve booked my return flight while on the way to MTY Airport and safely landed to my final destination at 2.30 AM. · Good Luck to all!!!!!!!! Thank you.
  4. Hello Friends, DD: I've Rescheduled H1B /H4 Stamping Date/Location from July1st / Matamoros,Mexico to Dec 17th/Monterrey, Mexico. Q1: Do I need to get Mexico Visa? (FYI- I do have Canada Visitor visa)? Q2: Do I need to fill up new DS-160 form as I changed Date and Location?
  5. I have shared my eMail id in profile. As per I know there is no need of Mexico visa, BUT I would suggest to get the visa from Mexico Consulate before your go there.
  6. Mine was same emoyer. But I sm sure definitely you will get s visa as someone got yesterday which was similar to your case. Good luck!!
  7. H1B/H4 Visa Stamping SUCCESSFUL Experience (Visa interview/Accommodation/Food/Transportation) at Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico on 02/16 (Tuesday). Based on many applicants’ reviews/ past and recent experience/few research from my end/ friends advice, I decided to go to Matamoros, Mexico for H1B/H4 stamping. I did first time from Toronto, Canada back in 2013. Thought let me share my experience here, so future applicants will have some advantages as I gained some important information from here in last few days and prepared myself well before I went there. Fingerprint/Photo appointment: 02/15/16 (Monday) at 9:00 AM. (You need only DS-160 Confirmation page + valid passport).Consulate visa interview appointment: 02/16/16 (Tuesday) at 8:00 AM. For Accommodation/Transportation/Food= Took Salvador’s service ( Please find detail experience with him below): Total He charged for everything: $120/day/person+ $30 /day/additional person with you+ Free Transportation+ Free Breakfast US Consulate visa interview appointment: 02/16/16 (Tuesday) at 8:00 AM. Completed basic formalities for security check and went inside and waited for few minutes. Window # 7, 8, and 9 were opened for initial documents check by Mexican employees (took 5 minutes only to verify my job position/I129/passport) and Window # 1, 2, 3 were opened for an interview. VO’s were one American White guy (window #1), Mexican guy (Window #2) and American White lady (window #3).I was told from another employee to go on front of window#1 for interview. I was on 2 feet far front of window#1 and VO called me to come up little front of window and time start now. Interview conversation: Me: Good morning VO, how are you doing today? VO: No reply. Just had bit movement of his head. He was typing something in the system for 30 seconds and then, VO: How long you been with your employer? Me: XX years and XX Months VO: What is your job title? Me: XX/XX (since I have two different job title mentioned in LCA/I129) VO: What is your educational background? Me: Master of XX from XX (University), XX (City), XX (state) in US. VO: Can I have your job letter? Me: Here it is (gave him my employer letter) VO: Do you have OLD passport with you? Me: Yes, I gave him my old passport with open page of my previous US visa Stamping (I thought let me open previous US visa stamping page and give it him, so that way I could have little + point, and he would realize that okay, this person had already previous US visa stamping) VO: Did your employer filed an immigration petition for you? Me: Yes, VO. My i140 is approved. VO: Can I see your i-140? Me: Here it is VO. (My employer is very cooperative and take care of each employees questions/comments/concerns and provide documents as needed, so as I requested him, he provided me original i-140). Then VO typed (my employer name/ job title from job letter that I gave it to him) for few seconds and he returned all my documents that he requested to see except H1B/H4 passports. At that time I understood myself and said there you go buddy, deal successfully done here with visa but waiting from him to listen myself that GOLDEN word. He looked at me and throwed that word is “Your Visa is approved and collect yours passports at 3:00 PM today from here”. Me: Thank you!! VO: No reply and again had bit movement of his head. Few important things I noticed and followed while stayed 2 nights in Matamoros, Mexico. If Salavadore is not there , you will 100% get trouble for communication ( English/Spanish Translation) where ever you go in Matamoros and once you cross the border no body understand and speak English, ONLY Spanish. During day time you can go anywhere, during night time, VERY risky.In Matamoros, cosmetic, cloths, liquors Dental clinic are very cheap like 1/3 price of US.While I waited to get my passport, me and my wife took an appointment of one the popular Dentist in Matamoros and got done some Dental work/Cleaning in few hrs with nominal price.There were total 6 H1B/H4 candidates from India and China and all of them got visa approved with kind of similar questions asked by VO’s.Usually there is no need of Mexico visa, if you have valid I797; I would recommend rather to slip in future trouble, better to apply for Mexico visa from nearest Mexico Consulate by paying nominal fees of $36 for 6 months visa. While we crossed the border and come back to US CBP to get I-94: 1 Waited 1 hr 20 M inside to get the I94 (they just asked job letter) 2 I-94: $6 CASH we have to pay at CBP. Salvadore: 70 years old well experienced person in US/Mexico. Very nice, humble, kind, helpful person and most important Reliable/Trustworthy guy. He treated me and my wife as we are his family. Email: salcas46@hotmail.com Website: mexicovisaservice.appspot.com Mobile: (956) 545-5255 (He preferred to have communication via WhatsApp by text or call) Accommodation: Best Western Hotel; $120/day/person+ $30 /day/additional person with you; Decent room; good speed of an internet; humble hotel staff.Transportation: Salvadore picked me up from UETA Duty Free Store, Brownsville, TX at 17:30 on 02/14(Sunday) ( FYI- Car parking area is back side of the store , just in case if you park rented car or own car with $5/day charge) and he dropped me off at the BW Hotel for Check-In. It took 5-7 minutes to cross the border (they barely randomly check while you entered in Mexico).Next day on 02/15 (Monday) he picked me up from hotel and dropped me off at CSC office for Fingerprint/Photo and waited outside till it was done. It will take few minutes to get it done. He dropped me off at the hotel and after an hour as I requested to him, he came with me at nearest market place as I was curious to know about Mexican Market /Culture /Infrastructure/Rules and Regulation/Law/People/House/Living style/Cinema hall etc…. He spent almost 2 hrs with me to explain each and everything in detail. We came back at hotel and had lunch together at BW Hotel’s restaurant. Next day on 02/16 (Tuesday) he picked me up at 7:45 and dropped me off at US Consulate. Once my interview was done , as he directed , I called him from OXXO Store ( next to US Consulate ) telephone booth inside the store and he came back to picked me up in few minutes and dropped me off at the hotel. After 2 hrs he came back and picked me up from hotel and as I requested to him, he game me city tour and I did some shopping. We went at US Consulate to pick up my stamped passport at 15:00 same day and he dropped me off at the inside of the Mexico border and guided me where to walk and go for I-94 at US Border. Food: At BW hotel Restaurant: Good, wide verity of food with average $8.00/item. I had Dominos /Papa zone’s pizza as well in 2 days from market. Overall, I recommend everyone to go there for second renewal. It will be smooth/easy compare to others locations of US Consulate across the countries.
  8. I've booked my appointment by early next week.
  9. All dates are available, whatever you want. Its pretty much open .....Good luck!!
  10. Hello Murthy friends, Greetings!! Are there any recent visa stamping experience at Matamoros, Mexico? If so please do share each details with VO's q's, accommodation, food , safety and all stuff, etc..... It would helpful for everyone!! I am planning to go on Feb third week. Good luck for Visa stamping to all and any location!!!
  11. @ H1b14- Did you get your passport back? How long does it take time at Toronto now a days? @ Vgowri- Any update?
  12. Hello forum friends, Could anyone share the dates in Feb Month for Toronto or Vancouver as we ( I & my wife) are planning to go for H1B/H4 visa stamping soon ( in Feb Month( preferred Monday)). Appreciate your help !!
  13. @Vgowri- Do not panic as PIMS takes ( from US Consulate), 4-5 Business days so you will get it by this week . If you would have updated before you scheduled , you should be fine in 2-3 biz days after appointment. PIMS it self takes less than 24 hrs to get updated if you /your employer would have done this early to save some time. Congratulation by the way for stamping. Please share Q's asked by VO.
  14. RAGK

    Toronto H1B/H4 Stamping dates

    @ h1b14- Thanks for your reply. Could you please share your Toronto visa interview experience? When are you expecting your passport back? Let me know how many days usually process takes , once you get that back. Were there any rejections while you were there? Hows the overall experience? Thanks !!