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  1. aksingh01in@rediffmail.com

    H1-B Extension : I-797 and I-94 expiring

    1. Under Premium Processing, in how many days will the applicant receive the receipt number ? I think within 2 to 5 business days you will get receipt. Premium processing is available for H1 extension only  2. Will I be out of status if I do not receive receipt number before I-797 expiration date 12/04/2018 ? NO if your employer will send petition 11/30 then USCIS will receive your petition on 12/03 based on Fedex delivery acknowledgment you should be good to continue 3. Can I work between these 10 days i.e; 12/04/2018 and 12/14/2018 ?  Yes. your petition would be file so you are good to work
  2. Hi, My current H1 is valid until Dec 31 2018 and I-94 valid until Jan-2019. H1 Extension filed in premium and got RFE in Oct-2018. Now i have new offer, new employer filed H1 transfer. Query : 1 current H1 RFE decision will impact my H1 transfer? 2. If i will join new employer in that case should i need to submit RFE response? It's Urgent please reply asap. Thanks.
  3. aksingh01in@rediffmail.com

    H1 transfer during Dependant H4 pending status

    Hi, I have filed my H1 and dependents extension in the month of May 2017 in normal mode filed by employer. My case as PP in March 2017 and got approval in 15 day's. But my dependents extension still pending and their I94 got expired in Sept 2017. Now my dependents are staying with receipt notice since we already filed their extension before their visa expires. requesting your advice and suggestions on the below questions: 1. Can I transfer my H1 and H4 to the new employer when H4 extensions are still pending? 2. Suppose If new employer filed H4 extension using the previous employer receipt notice, will it be approved? 3. Will they get approval from the date their I94 expired or the date USCIS receives the dependents extension petition from new employer? If approval got with current date, will it be consider the months after I 94 expired as out of status ? 4. Denial of H1 transfer to new employer will not effect H4 status? Thanks
  4. aksingh01in@rediffmail.com

    H1 B Transfer Query - need help

    Thanks for replay . company 'B' is not ready to cancel the petition they want to join there company.
  5. aksingh01in@rediffmail.com

    H1 B Transfer Query - need help

    Hi, I am working for company ‘A’ on H1B. Now I got an offer from company ‘B’ and they filed a H1 transfer petition it’s under process. Now I changes my mind , want to stay with company ‘A’ I have the following query can you please help me. 1. Is there any legal issue to continue work with company ‘A’ 2. In future suppose I have to go india and come back to US do I need the approved petition from ‘B’ or ‘A’ will work? 3.In future suppose I need to extend or transfer H1 than do I need any paper from company ‘B’ like copy of approved/denied petition 4. Is there any impact on status of petition ‘A’ if company ‘B revoked/cancel there petition? Thanks,