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  1. s4m

    PERM pending since 10 months without audit

    For audit cases, it seems to be year. But for normal cases like mine it is around 6 months only.
  2. I applied my PERM in Dec 2012. EB2/Masters/5+ years full time experience in MNC's. I am yet to hear back from DOL. It is already been close to 10 months now. No audit. My attorney tried to inquire but DOL replied that my case is "In process". I see lot of approvals in March/April 2013 already. Typical time frame seems to be 6 months. I recently entered 6th year of H1B. Just checking if there is any way to know why it is getting delayed/ any other options? Is there anybody in the same situation? Thanks!
  3. s4m

    PERM pending since Feb 2012

    Is yours pending from Feb 2012 or 2013?..... Did you ever get an audit? I am actually in the same boat, my perm is pending since Dec 2012 and no audit so far. DOL replied my case as "In process" in attorney inquiry.