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  1. Me and my wife+kid plan to change our names during US Naturalization process to make our Last names uniform. All of us have different last names (typical South Indian names). As I understand, me and my wife take the citizenship first and then my daughter (she is also Indian citizen presently) gets her US citizenship later based on our status. 1) If me and my wife change our names, will that cause any issues with my daughter's US citizenship application later? 2) More importantly, will the name change of me and my wife impact the PIO/OCI application for any of ours including my daughter later ? Appreciate any feedback/inputs. Thanks ! Ramakrishnan KV
  2. Hello, Me and family (wife, daughter) are eligible for US Citizenship. All three of us have long south Indian names with different last names. During the naturalization process, I am thinking of going for a name change for all of us and make it short and have same last name. I am worried about the process and complexity of going in for such a name change.. Will it cause an long delay my citizenship process? What other consequences of this name change? Any other impacts ? Also, my daughter is not 18 yet, her citizenship will be based on me and my wife's citizenship.. will it impact her because of our name change ? Any inputs/advice much appreciated. Ramakrishnan KV