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kumar reddy

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  1. kumar reddy

    Help regarding Pay stub

    Hi , Please help me regarding the following issue In lCA my pay is declared as 60,000 as minimum and maximum N/A and in Offer letter it is mentioned as 60,000 and the same in i-129 But i am getting around 102K as per year what i have to answer if VO asks me what is your annual pay and what i have to answer if vo asks me why it is way greater than what your employer is offered. Thanks
  2. kumar reddy

    H1b Visa approved 30th Oct Vancouver

    Hi , Is your annual pay is same as what you are employer paying you , i mean is the same what it is in the LCA, Offer letter and pay stuff,If not what did you say for the question 'What is your annual pay' Is that what you are getting or LCA amount or offer letter. Thanks..
  3. kumar reddy

    Pay stub Issue

    Hi, I am working for direct client EC , i never work overtime but due to more working hours (more than 160 hours) per month, my employer ran the paystub for more than 160 hours .Is that problem during stamping ??? if the VO askes the same question what i have to answer and more over i did my Masters in electrical engineering and working in IT filed ,what i have to answer if vo ask me Why you are working in IT filed??? thanks, Kumar reddy
  4. My visa date is on Nov 18 , me and my cousin are coming to Vancouver..... Any one in the week of Nov 18
  5. kumar reddy

    H1B stamping -please help

    Hi , i am planning to go for H1b stamping to Vancouver in next month ,Please help me regarding my situation I got my H1b extension approved on sep 16 2013 and address in the LCA as my employer address . I work form work for good and the client for which i work is 20 miles away from my employers place .The client is ready to mention the same as working from the employers place and the purchase order has the same saying most of the work wil be done from employer's place.Is there any risk in this , if so what kind of risk?? this is not in house project but is there any chance of VO thinking of this as Inhouse.. Help me please... Thanks, pavan singam