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  1. nik125

    Out of status question during visa stamping

    you must have answered about this question in DS 160. only answer is truth and i assume you must have answered truth in ds 160.
  2. you mean you have 221G ? or just normal admin processing ? should not affect anything in any case.
  3. check with your company attorney. Usually petitioner name should be employer name and not yours. it can create problem if in main system data are inaccurate. can create 221G in my opinion.
  4. its recommended to go to home country but since you already booked an appointment you should be good to go. However please be aware in case of 221G you can not return back to USA and will need to stay in canada.
  5. nik125

    H1B stamping India

    you can go anywhere and it can go to admin processing anywhere. It does not matter you go to chennai or canada as all consulates are following same procedure.
  6. ans 1. There is no way to check that other then checking regular status which will show admin processing on site. 2. you can submit end client letter if you already have it 3. do not think that is the reason. if you have it just submit it you will know after submitting that is the reason or not.
  7. It was resolved and i got mine and my wife license renewed.
  8. With this background, I have a couple of questions... 1. What should I answer for the question "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?" in DS-160 form? Can I answer 'No' as I-130 is not yet applied? But, what if my brother-in-law applies for I-130 after I submit the DS-160 with 'No' for the question, but before I appear for the visa interview?; then it would be like, at the time I appear (along with my wife) for the visa interview in AUG 2018, I-130 would be in applied status, so should I have to explicitly mention about the I-130 to the counselor since it wouldn't be mentioned there in DS-160 form? Or should I ask my brother-in-law to hold on applying for I-130 until I return to the USA in SEPT 2018? I personally do not want to make any further delay in I-130 application. Please suggest. Ans: You should ask your Bro in law to apply before you submit your DS 160. That way you can answer YES in the question of DS 160. Please remember if you answer YES they will ask I-130 receipt number so make sure you have it. Or just wait until you get your and your wife stamping done then apply for I-130. I would suggest not to do in middle to avoid any kind of confusion. It is not going to make bigger of difference since PD is anyway not going to be Current soon till next lot of years.. 2. Is it OK to give my supervisor's name, her office desk number and the office address for the question "U.S. Point of Contact Information"? Or it has to be someone's home address? Ans: Yes you can just make them aware that you mentioned your supervisor name as contact info. just in case if they contact them. Hope this helps.
  9. hi, i went to plano TX DPS office based on my new h1 extension i797A with I-94 attched with it. DPS person told while running SAVE verification they are getting same old date for I-94 expiration which is feb 1 2018. Not sure how to handle this situation. My new h1 is extended from Feb 2018-2020. Is anyone had similar problem. Looks like SAVE data not updated with new I-94 validity dates. Anyone know how long does this take ?
  10. Nothing you can do other than wait. Usually I-94 is attached with expiration of H1b .. is there any reason you have I-94 only till Sep ? If its because of PP then you can exit and reenter the US to get I-94 till expiration date of your H1.
  11. Wait is only option for you.. Your employer should have filed your extension 6 months before your expiration of h1b.
  12. Looks like you have more than one vendor in between.. make sure your employer managing your work and not vendors.. or you will be in trouble...
  13. nik125


    yes you can go