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  1. I had interview on the 10th Oct and same scenario here. Still showing the previous loomis no. Last year I went for the interview on Thursday morning (just like this time) and got an email at 9:30pm on Friday from loomis along with the tracking link. Hoping the same will happen this time. So watch out for an email soon on Friday from Loomis and you should get the tracking link and the loomis link in CSC should be automatically updated

  2. Under what circumstances is a new I-94 issued while entering US from Canada ?  


    From what I heard, if you travel to Canada by road from the US and come back within 30 days, you retain your I-94 whereas if you fly back you will be issued a new I-94 irrespective of the no. of days you stay in Canada.  Does anyone know the exact rule regarding this ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Please do not mislead people with such posts! 100s of people came to Vancouver earlier without a masters degree and successfully got their H1b approved. You do not know the specifics of the case and why they were given 221g. It could have been that they were missing the required documentation or did not give convincing answers to the questions raised by the officer. But just not having a masters degree cannot be a criteria for a visa rejection especially if they have a valid I 797 in the first place.