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  1. ranjit8484

    H1B toronto - 30th Sep, 2013

    Same situation. Interview at 12:30. Status "issued". No email or waybill # yet. What is the procedure. Will the status change from "Issues" to something else? Does this mean loomis has my passport now or still with the consulate. Guys, any response will be appreciated.
  2. ranjit8484

    H1B Toronoto Oct 1st 2013

    Guys, I'm in the same boat. Interview on Sep 30. Status change to "issued" on Oct 4th. No status yet. Waiting for waybill #...Let me know your contact. Mine is in the profile.
  3. Mine got approved on Sep 30 also. Still hasn't got the passport yet. Status says "issued". What does this mean? Please let me know when you get your passport.
  4. ranjit8484

    Weird LOOMIS issue

    What time was your interview? Mine was 12:30, but ended up finishing at 4pm. It changed to administrative processing only this morning. Wondering how long it takes to be processed and change to "issued" and then to get the passport for pickup.
  5. ranjit8484

    Visa approved in Toronto

    Mine changed to "administrative processing" from "Ready" this morning. Do you have any updates yet? I was wondering how long will it take to receive the passport.
  6. ranjit8484

    Visa approved in Toronto

    I had the interview on the same day (9/30) and didn't see any update so far. Let me know if you see/ get any updates
  7. ranjit8484

    Weird LOOMIS issue

    Hello Satch, I applied for H1B extension at Toronto on same day (Sep 30). This is the first time I'm applying in Toronto. I don't see any update in the usvisa-info website either. Let me know if you see any updates.