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  1. If anyone is still needs an answer to this. I checked with an immigration lawyer today. He that filing in this situation is perfectly ok.
  2. Hello, I'm planning to file GC (I-130) for my father from India i.e. filing center will be New Delhi. He is currently visiting me in USA right now on tourist visa. He won't be adjusting status so I-485 will NOT be filed. He plans to return to India in about a month. He is within the 6 months period of tourist visa in US and has never overstayed/ no problems ever on tourist visa. My questions is: Can I file GC (I-130) for him from India while he is in USA?
  3. Hi all, I am a US Permanent Resident through marriage to a US Citizen. My residence is permanent, not conditional i.e. I751 has been approved. I've been a US Permanent Resident close to 3 years and I'm planning to apply for Naturalization (after I've been Perm for more than 3 years ofcourse). Me and my spouse meet all the criteria (spouse citizen for all the 3 years, I stayed in country all the time, we were living together and happily married all the 3 years). My question is what support documents do I need to provide for the Naturalization application. So far, I have the following: 1. Copy of GC 2. Evidence that your spouse has been a U.S. citizen for the last 3 years 3. Marriage certificate 4. Documents referring to you and your spouse i.e. demonstrating 3 years of marriage. Such as Tax returns and IRS verified Tax transcripts, Bank Account statements, Child birth certificates, Leases, Joint utility bills etc. Any other documents I might have missed?
  4. My wife to be is a US citizen and I'm on a H1B visa in USA. She is going to file my Green Card(family based immigration) after we get married. My question is: From a perspective of filing GC, should I register my marriage in India or USA?
  5. Hi, A friend of mine is getting laid off from his company. He is currently on H1B and his last date of employment is Nov 2nd. He has a valid H1B stamp on his passport. 1. How long does after November second before his legal H1B status expires? 2. After getting laid off and before his H1B expires, can he still travel outside of USA? Thanks!!
  6. the_chosen

    H1B Visa stamping

    No idea about Jamaica. However, I recently got H1B stamping done in Toronto, Canada and it was simple and quick. You could look into that..
  7. Hi, I've recently switched jobs. I got my H1B stamped when I was working with my previous employer. If I go out of USA, will I need a new H1B stamping (for my current employer) or will my old H1B stamping with a notice of approval from the new employer(I 797) be enough for USA renetry? Thanks, Manu