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  1. Scboy

    Who is my client?

    Technically your Client is C and your customer to whom you sell the product is D or kinda of provide the services.... Remember D will never be a client as your LCA is filled to C
  2. Scboy

    Pay Stub generated for 88 HRS on OPT

    In OPT.. your Number of hours can be run for anything..But make sure your Payroll runs properly once Your H-1B starts...and its better to go to stamping after you have 3 paychecks processed...from Oct 1st.
  3. Scboy

    Job title Discrepancy

    There are different job's which fall under generic Job designation Analyst Programmer....You should be good to go
  4. Why do you need a Receipt..all you need is the MRV number to book the dates..
  5. Scboy

    H1B stamping with a pending DUI case

    Nope...he can't Control...it all depends upon pending cases before you...
  6. You should be good to go as long as Wages in LCA <= Total wages which you see in paycheck..AS per your case its perfect... Don't need to change the LCA as long as you change the client... BTW LCA is a minimum Wage that should be paid by a employer for that county...He can always pay more than that but he should never pay less than LCA
  7. Congrats on getting your Visa Approved.. What do you mean by The visa officer verified the GC process with my employer?
  8. Scboy

    Can I book Visa Slot before Ammendment

    Yes you can do it..but once your ammendment is complete..you have to update with the new EAC number in the cdc website and also in the DS 160.
  9. You can reschedule N number of times...if you get a better date prepone the date...You can keep on doing it until 24 hrs before the scheduled interview...of your latest appointment....
  10. Scboy

    Wait time for passport @ Calgary

    You are checking a different website...please check https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx
  11. Scboy

    Wait time for passport @ Calgary

    Check the website at 11:30 tomorrow..and your status will be issued...Thanks
  12. Scboy

    Wait time for passport @ Calgary

    My visa status changed to issued...I will be headed towards loomis in the Evening to check if they got my Passport.
  13. My Visa Status Changed to ISSUED...going to loomis after 6:30 to check if they have received my passport.
  14. Scboy

    Need Help

    It shouldn;t be an issue...I have seen folks from the same universty who got approvals not only from Canada but also from India, But it depends on luck,proper documentation and your confidence level. All the best
  15. Scboy

    Jan 3rd Calgary - Visa Approved

    email me...i will send his number and email id